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"Mom... I- I'm hungry. Can I please have something to eat?" The boy questioned. The way he spoke, it was filled with fear. 

"Don't call me that, I am no way in hell your mother. I never should have given birth to you, since all you can do is bother me." The woman yelled at the boy with disgust. There was no doubt that the woman was drunk. 

"Seems like there are two monkeys in this place, I can hear it even from outside" The man said while entering the room. He folded the umbrella back to its small state. The boy started to shake more. The rain was hitting the roof hard, making a loud sound.

"Hello sir, I didn't know you'd be back this early." Even in the woman's voice, fear could now be heard. 

Three men in black suits followed the first man inside the house. Suddenly, in the loud pounding noise of the rain, a gunshot was heard. Followed by another gunshot. 

"Sorry honey, we have no use for you now." The man said. "Don't kill the little boy, we can still use him. We don't need him to be conscious either. Take him to Seoul, and make sure we have eyes on him at all time." He ordered the three men. The men in black suits did as they were told.

"No, please don't hurt me!" The boy screamed with all the power left in his body. He couldn't resist though, due to his poor state. He was knocked unconscious and taken to a house in Seoul, where he was forced to live a normal life.


[A/N] Hi and thanks for reading the prologue! This is my first serious book so please bare with me xd Also, the this book will be serious at point, so please be aware of that. And of course, the main story will be centered around Twice x reader. Next chapter will be the story development, and most likely will not contain Twice yet. Chapter 2 should be where the main story starts.

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