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Calm. It was a feeling that had not graced her body for a long time and yet as she looked up at the plain ceiling above her, she felt at peace.

Her breathing was even, her body felt no pain and the beast within her mind didn't prowl around her mind waiting to pounce. It was like a breath of fresh air after drowning year after year in her sorrow.

Adelaide turned her head, her head propped up by a pillow that rested behind her head and looked out across the room from where she lay on the couch. Her fingers rubbed together against the familiar plaid blanket that covered her, she didn't dare breath in the smell. Not yet.

She stayed quiet as she took it all back in, reviving her memories of the place of her birth and her childhood. She looked at each picture that hung from the walls, the coats that hung from the hook. The family portrait that hung above the fireplace. The nostalgia was heavy in the air.

Her eyes blurred as her chest became heavy with emotion. She felt weak for the first time in her life, it was a relief. The rest of the world could wait while she bathed in the moment that was granted to her.

She felt groggy from whatever had been administered to her, the beast was also non-existent because of it. It was very dangerous for her considering that she didn't know the people that had injected her, or what she had been injected with.

It was her drowsiness that meant she didn't pick up on the figure that stood at the door watching her as she gazed at the portrait above the fireplace. She caught their movement out of the corner of her eye and turned her eyes to them quickly.

It didn't surprise her that someone had decided to inhabit the house when it was abandoned. The wild was a harsh arena and any shelter from it was an asset. A woman stood just within the entryway of the room, her stance nervous as she had taken a step towards her. Her hair was long and hung in a curtain on gold to her elbows, her skin was fair and held little blemishes while her eyes were a honeyed brown that warm even the coldest part of her heart.

She seemed kind from the aura she sensed from her and concern filled her eyes as she looked upon her but the most exquisite thing about her was as rare as the Blue Moon.

"You are human."

Her statement hung in the air and her voice held a tone mixed with disbelief and wonder.

The human race was extinct. They had been wiped out in a shocking epidemic that had swept the globe, it had all been over within a few days. It was heart-breaking to watch an entire race die and then have to fight for the land they left behind afterwards. Their bodies still lined the streets as they went to war, the vampires took full opportunity while their bodies were still warm. It was disgusting and a breach of their natural rights.

Although the werewolves worked hard to try and save them it was fruitless in the end. No matter how much testing, how much they prayed to the moon, it was no use. They all died in the end. Or so she thought.

Adelaide sat up as she continued to stare at the woman before her, she was the last of her kind, and yet here she was. Standing in front of her, the biggest predator in the game. By the moon, it was fate.

The woman nodded and moved forward into the room, making a move to speak. She stopped at the sound of a loud growl reverberating through the house. A second later a large male appeared in the doorway, stepping in front of the woman and shielding her from her view.

"I told you to tell me as soon as she woke up." He told the woman.

Adelaide watched the exchange between the two. She images the woman's hands to be fisted in the male's t-shirt as she looked around him. His gaze did not leave her own as he assessed her. There was no doubt he was a wolf.

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