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-Chapter 23

A Trip On the Memory Lane

Lisa's Point of View:

Apparently, I had been hesitating on going into the car since my paranoid thoughts got the best of me.

"Lisa! Taehyung! What's taking you guys so long?" Jennie interrupted my neverending clouds of thoughts and I immediately turned my head towards her, only to a Jennie gesturing us to come inside.

I glanced at Taehyung with an expressionless visage and he seemed to notice so he turned his head's direction to me. I looked away and focused on walking to where Jennie is at and I can still feel something is steadily gazing at me.

And I do know exactly who it is without even looking.

But anyhow, I opened the car's door and Jennie's smiling face greeted me. "Hey, Lisa! How are you doing?" She greeted me with a bright expression.

"I'm doing well." I mustered a smile.

"You don't really remember anything from our past, don't you?" I looked down.

"Well, I- some blurry fragments appear out of nowhere in my mind from time to time and for all I can remember, one of those include being chased by some red and blue lights along with the sound of a siren. It wasn't pleasant I tell you, you wouldn't want to hear the sound of those annoying things from time to time." She shivered while telling her story and I had a straight face despite confusion is building up in my insides.

The high-pitched sounds of sirens chasing her? Don't tell me...

"But enough of those, and please tell me about our past together, Taehyung here told me that we used to be best buddies." She said, cutting me off from my thoughts.

"Speaking of "we used to be best buddies", we used to sing alot of Disney songs just to annoy the heck out of the neighbors." I chuckled at the memory and she laughed hysterically.


Young Jennie and I stood in front of the door owned by the person they dubbed as "Grumpiest Person In Town". "Do you think this is a good idea?" Jennie asked me with worried eyes as she clung onto my right arm.

"I do think that this is the best idea we've ever had so far." I smiled at the girl cowardly gazing at our neighbor's front door.

"Can you be the one who'll sing and I'd be the one to knock instead?" She asked while her voice was shaking.

I smirked. "You know the dare Jennie, once you don't do this I'll tell-"

"Okay, okay. Fine, I'll do it." She groaned as she went into knocking position with her face regretting this and her eyes shut tightly with mouth shut. I giggled at the sight of the start of a mischievous act.

Seeming to hear her knocks, the neighbor's voice was heard. "Who's there?" My eyes brightened in anticipation as I waited for her to do it.

"Do you want to build a snowman?" The cannon has boomed and the sound of the door opening was heard.

Jennie and I held hands while running away from the angry elder that was now chasing us and barking like a mad dog.

I took the time to laugh and Jennie was silent all through out the running session having a embarassed expression on.

Once we had escaped from the mad neighbor, the both of us panted while breathing for air. "I should've never been your friend." She pouted and laughed.

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