Hidden Secret Chapter 3 "Unexpectable Meeting"

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Karin's POV


She's definitely the girl from konoha. She's the only one I know with a pink hair, but why is it so long? The last time I saw her was just last week. Her hair cannot grow long just like that. Maybe It's only my hallucination but no. Her chakra is the same. Strong and inoccent but at the same time, hiding something. Now, it's a bit different. Her chakra is different from before.

The pureness is gone. All I can see is power. It's even stronger than Sasuke's. I looked at the Konoha girl who is just as shocked as me. I believe they call her Sakura. Yes, it's Sakura. The one who tried to kill Sasuke. The one who cried in front of me because she's too weak and couldn't kill him. The one who is well-known for her medical ninja skills. The one who is as strong the hokage or maybe even stronger than her. The one, who also belongs to their so called team seven where Sasuke used to belong to and the nine tails.

"Sakura," I saw Sasuke mouthed then he grinned. "Since you're here, Naruto must be here too,"

I saw Sakura stiffened. Her body relaxed but is on guard. She's not like what she used. She's even more stronger right now.

"Where is he?" Sasuke asked her.

"And why should I tell you that?" Sakura said calmly not removing her eyes from Sasuke's.

Sasuke laughed. "If you aren't going to tell me where he is, I should just look for him myself. Well, I need to finish the ants blocking my way,"

Sasuke then used Susanoo again. I sighed. Now they really made him mad. I'm expecting her to be scared but no she isn't even trembling. Her eyes fixed on Sasuke's Susanoo as if it was talking to her. Her face seems amused instead of scared. What the hell happen to this girl.

I saw the green haired guy, which she threw on the tree awhile ago, went beside her and looked at Susanoo too. He whispered something to her which made her smile.

"I do not want to fight you here Sasuke-kun,"She said. "It will be a waste and I do not wish to damage this place,"

"But if you really want to, I guess I'll give you a chance," She said then headed at the sea. Sasuke followed her. Suigetsu, Jugo and I went and followed her too

While Suigetsu and Jugo stand behind Sasuke, I on the other hand, went and stayed near the shore focusing on Sakura's chakra. It didn't change. Well at least for now.  I saw as three unknown companions coming towards me.

"Do you mind stepping on the water?" The green haired guy said. I did as I was told. I stepped on the water thinking someone will just suddenly attack me or the water type ninja will use the sea water to kill me but he didn't. Instead, the three of them mumbled something causing a large solid barrier to spread across the ruins.

I went and touch it and it's as solid as the hardest rock I could think of.

"Gomenasai, hime told us to protect the village," The green haired guy said. Village?

"This place used to be a village. You do not need to know the name of the village," The black haired guy said. "Now let's go and help hime,"

The three of them ran behind Sakura. I saw sasuke eyes change into his mangekyou sharingan eyes.

"Hime," The blond haired guy whispered to Sakura.

"I know," Sakura replied.


Sakura's POV

The sea wind brushed against my skin. I looked at Sasuke who's on his mangekyou sharingan eyes. Guess, I need to show my true colors earlier than I thought. I went and punched the sea causing a big wave to  come towards Sasuke and the two guys behind him.

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