Part Two: Chapter Twenty (Excuse Me, But What the Fuck is Going On?!)

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I woke up later in the day, and there was a pregnancy test on the nightstand, probably from Blondie. Luckily, Alucard was still asleep, so I slipped into the bathroom, and relieved myself, splashing the stick just enough to get a reading, and starting my morning routine.

After fifteen minutes, I peered at the stick.


I exhaled, thankfully, and threw it away. I'd been lucky that the Plan B pills had been working, but I needed to get on more effective means that were not abstinence related. I'm a human, I'm going to fuck, and it's all normal.

After pulling on my clothes, Alucard was still passed out, so I decided to go grab some coffee that was wafting from the kitchen. The one thing I already missed was the espresso press we had at the mansion.

I made two cups, leaving Alucard's black, like he liked it, and went back to the room, and pushed him with my foot out of the bed.

"Jesus- fuck!" He sat up. "What the hell?" He looked up as I handed him his cup of coffee.

"Wakey wakey!" I grinned. He groaned and took the cup. "I told you I would get you back for the time you dumped water on me." He shot me a glare. "Hey, you deserved it. Never wake a hungover woman with a bucket of ice water." I sipped my coffee. "Up and at em. We gotta go meet the North Texas charter at the table." He just groaned and got up.

"Did you already shower? You're not an early riser!"

"I had my brains fucked out and slept like a baby, what can I say?" He went off to the shower, while I checked my phone. Abi said Kinsey was having a ball and that's all I cared about.

After Alucard got out of the shower, we headed off to the 300 compound, where CS bikes were parked.

"What is going on?" We never said we were having a dual table meeting.

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