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Skye waved to the two women as they walked away, then turned to Jesse and said, "What do you think about that?"

She picked up a wet shirt to hang on the line and watched as he made a face.

"It's about time, is what I say," he said as he forcefully shoved a clothespin on a bunched up piece of clothing. Skye frowned and started to say something to him, but stopped herself. In the big scheme of things, it wasn't important. The clothes would dry either way, and it was his shirt. When he decided he didn't like a big wrinkled spot on his clothing, he would stop doing it.

Jesse was frustrated by the whole drawn-out process, as were Dylan and Wade. They all wanted to see the trial over and done. "Yes well, it took a while for him to get here, but it'll be over soon enough."

"He ain't here yet," Jesse said, his complaint and disbelief that the judge would make it written all over his face. "He's slower than snail mail used to be."

"It's a slow process, but really Jesse, this is sooner than trials used to take place."

"Man, I can't see how it could be."

Skye giggled at Jesse's complaining. She swore that he became more like Dylan every day, and while some days she wondered if she could handle two of them, most of the time she was happy for it.

And they would know soon enough if the judge got delayed. If what her new friends said was right, the judge had told them to set the trial date. According to her visitors, Tom had offered to look for an attorney for the men, but Calvin had said he would be the group's lawyer. Skye was happy about that, sure that his big mouth would do nothing but get them deeper into trouble.

Skye heard the low call of a cow. Dylan and Wade, along with a few others, had spent most of the day yesterday taking care of the Sick and the cattle they had found. Now six beef cows were penned up down the mountain in quarantine, their occasional low moos reminding everyone that if everything went well, beef might soon be on the menu.

Dylan came out of the cabin right as the cow sounded, and turned his head toward the noise and smiled. Dylan had mentioned to Skye more than once that a big steak would hit the spot. He crossed over to the two of them and grabbed Jesse by the shoulders, playfully shaking him a couple of times.

"You ready for some forging?"

Jesse's face lit up. "Yep!" He was always ready to explore the woods, and if it got him out of hanging up clothes, then that was all the better with him. But his hopes were dashed when Dylan picked up a wet t-shirt and started hanging the clothes alongside them.

Dylan gave Skye a long look from the side of his eye before asking, "Are you comin' today too?"

"Of course, I almost always go with you."

"Okay. Just checkin'," Dylan said. He was uncomfortable, and it showed. His body was tense, and he fumbled with the clothespins as he attached them.

Skye would have smiled at his behavior if he wouldn't have taken it the wrong way. "It's okay, Dylan, people disagree, and they are totally fine afterward."

Dylan grunted as if unconvinced. When she kept looking at him, he shrugged and went back to the clothes.

I don't understand why this difference of opinion is bothering him so much. It was a small disagreement, nothing more. Not nearly as bad as some of our others. Maybe it's because it's our first disagreement since we've been together, or that we do not see each other's side at all as we usually can do. Of course, it could simply be that in his world disagreements were discord and discord was all his old family had been. He doesn't want his new family to start off that way.

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