Chapter 2

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It's been 2 weeks since I found out about the fact that Fred and George are my mates. It's getting more difficult to not bite them every day. I'm scared that if I bite them I won't be able to control myself and will accidentally kill them. They don't know this and they keep close to me. It was evening and I went hunting again. as usual, I captured a deer and was sucking the blood out off it. Fred and George came walking up towards me. when I was done I turned around. "Hi love," Fred said. we walked towards the great lake as usual. the three of us loved the view so we always went there after I fed. "you really like deer don't you?" George asked. "yeah," I answered. I was doing my best to not jump them and suck the blood out of them. I sat down on the rock I always sat. but unlike usual, the twins sat at my sides. "why are your eyes still red?" Fred asked. I kept silence. 

suddenly I smelled their blood. I looked and saw they cut their hands open. I directly jumped up and ran towards the waterside. "bloody hell." I said. "if the deer isn't satisfying you." Fred began. "then why don't you feed on us?" George continued. "Snape told us that our blood." Fred continued. "will completely satisfy you." George finished. "I can't," I said. "What if I can't stop. What if I accidentally kill you guys. What if I lose control." I said. "you won't." Fred said. "not with us." George said. "We're sure about that," they said at the same time. they walked towards me and I stood frozen. "Let us help you." They said. They held their hands close to me.

 I couldn't stop myself anymore. "not at your hand's people will see." I said. "then what about our shoulders?" Fred asked. I slowly nobbed. they undid their robes and uncovered their shoulders. I placed my hand around Fred's neck. "pull me off him if I can't stop." I said towards George and bit Fred with other fangs than I usually bite deers. His blood tasted amazing. But somehow I could feel his arousal

 But somehow I could feel his arousal

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Suddenly he moaned. I looked down and could see that he had a hard-on and he came. When I stopped George looked at us and laughed. "never thought you would be an m brother." George said. "No, I'm not. It didn't hurt the only thing I felt was pleasure somehow." Fred said blushing. I walked over to George and bit him. He had the exact same reaction as Fred. when I stopped I felt so satisfied. I slowly licked their wounds and it healed. "Thank you, guys," I said. "No problem." They said. 

"I think you guys should use a cleaning charm because..." I pointed at their wet pants. They looked and quickly used a cleaning charm. "you can call us anytime."Fred said. "I don't know," I said. They hugged me. as if they could feel mine uncomfortably. they both kissed my forehead. "we love you so much." Fred said. "It's almost unbearable." George finished. we sat on the rock again. Fred slowly moved closer and kissed me. I became beet red. "you're so cute when you're  embarrassed." George said. George also kissed me. I was so embarrassed that I almost wanted to run. "you're way too cute. unbelievable that you're ours." Fred said. "Please, stop it," I said embarrassed. They both laid an arm around my shoulders. "Sorry, Love," George said. 

After a few hours, we went back towards our dorms. "Why are you always so late back into the dorms?" Hermione asked. "It's a secret," I answered. "And the secret includes Fred and George?" Hermione asked. I became beet red. "H-h-how did you know?" I asked. "I noticed that you and the twins always return at the evening at the same time. you know, smiling and stuff." She answered. "so you and the twins huh." She said. I sat onto my bed. "yeah." I answered. "since when?" she asked me. "a few weeks." I answered.

 "It's complicated," I said. "You know you can tell me anything, Harriet. no matter what I won't look at you like you are a different person even if you're a werewolf or something," she said. "Even if I'm a vampire?" I asked. "of course." She said. " well... I have turned into a vampire." I said. "Good joke." She said. then she looked at me and saw I'm serious. "what... how?" She asked. "Inherited," I answered. "So what about the twins? what is the deal with them?" She asked. now she knows the truth I'm not gonna lie anymore. "They are... my mates," I answered awkwardly. She looked surprised. "both?" she asked. "yeah." I answered I felt even more awkward than before. "for how long have you been?"She asked. "3 months and 2 weeks," I answered. " And you didn't tell us?!?" She almost yelled. "What would you have preferred, me telling it while I don't know how to control it, or to tell you when I can!" I yelled at her. "sorry I asked." she said angry. 

I could still feel the rage inside of me. I need to get out off here before this escalates. "I need to get out off here," I said and took my invisibility cloak and the map. where shall I go? The twins were the only thing I could think about who could calm me at the moment. I walked towards their dorms and said "blood moon." They changed the password when we found out that we're mates. I walked in and put off my cloak. "Harriet!" Fred almost yelled as I surprised him. Then he saw that my eyes where red. "What happened?" He asked. "maybe we should first calm her down." George said who walked out of the bathroom. 

after a few minutes, we sat at their bed. Fred and George sat at both sides, slowly humming a song to slowly calm me down. soon I was slowly calming and relaxed. we all laid down and they both still had their arms around me. "are you alright?" Fred asked. "not really." I answered. "may you tell us what happened?" George asked. "I told Hermione and now she's angry at me because I didn't tell her sooner," I said sadly. They both hugged me tightly. 

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