16 | big trouble

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looking at the sky at night may be looking into the past, but when i look at you, i see a future."

I pulled the note and bag of gummy bears from my locker and put them in my pocket to avoid Chenle spying on me.

'What's that?' He asked, looking over my shoulder as I read the note.
'A note.'
'Ooh from who?' He bounced up and down.

'Don't know...' I trailed off. I had a slight idea of who it was, who else would say something like this?

The note was written on the same moomin paper in the same neat handwriting as the last day.

It was the same as yesterday with bag of gummy bears, mainly blue.

'How did your date with Zhi Ruo go yesterday?' Chenle nudged up to me.
'It wasn't a date and I think were in huge trouble with Miss Oh...' I closed my locker and leaned against it, my mind putting together the pieces of the jigsaw of who exactly had been sending me notes.

'Why?' He looked at me with curiousness in his eyes.

'We stole her bike and then I crashed it because Zhi Ruo was on the handlebars and I couldn't get the brakes on and I couldn't see.' I said in a rather exasperated tone.

He stopped and looked at me for a second before bursting out in laughter, his face turning bright red from laughing and clutching his stomach.

His dolphin laugh was infectious and made me laugh too.

People walking past did indeed stare at us wondering what in the hell we found so funny.

They would probably laugh too if they knew what it was about.

When we had calmed down we made our way to our form room where, along the way, I told Chenle that I had a slight idea who was sending me notes.

'There's only been two of them, how can you tell? You can't be so sure so quick!' His eyes were wide.

'I just can, okay? Why do you look so scared? Do you know why it is?' I questioned him as we walked through the door of our form room.

'No. Why? I don't know anything.' He said a little too quickly.

I eyed him suspiciously as I took my place at my desk where my hoodie was lying folded very neatly in a little pile on my desk.

There was a note on top in pink pen. The writing wasn't the same as on the notes in my locker so maybe it wasn't her after all.

Maybe Chenle was right; maybe I shouldn't be so sure so quick..

The note was written on a little post it note and it said;
"I had fun last night, thanks for letting me borrow your hoodie! Don't worry, I washed it after..
~zhi ruo :)"

I smiled a little and slipped it in my bag. The smell of detergent was so strong I didn't need to even smell it up close to tell what it smelt of; vanilla. Like her..

She was all that I could think about walking home last night. She was all I could think about falling asleep last night.

She was all I could think about. And I enjoyed the thought of her.

I shook my head and turned around to face Haechan and Jaemin who were sitting behind me talking about something I was oblivious to.

'Renjun what do you think?' Haechan faced me.

'About what?'
'About who stole Miss Oh's bike yesterday. Who do you think it was?'

I froze a little before relaxing.
'I don't think it was anyone.' I looked down.
'Well it had to be-'
'I know who it was.' I interrupted Haechan and looked him dead in the eye.

'Oh who?' His eyes widened in excitement. 'Spill the tea Renjun!'

'It was me.' I whispered.

'What? You've never done a single bad thing in your life!' Jaemin eyes were wide in shock.

'Yeah, we took it and then I kinda crashed it. Don't worry I'm planning on buying her a new one.. as soon as I get the money..'

'Zhi Ruo and me.'

I looked up again to catch them giving one another a knowing glance.

'What?' I tilted my head.
'Nothing.' Haechan waved me off.

At that moment Miss Oh came storming into the classroom.

'Someone in this room stole my bike yesterday and I want the to own up to it immediately.' She looked beyond pissed.

I gulped and looked over at Zhi Ruo whose face was as white as paper, she looked back at me, her eyes wide in fear.

Miss Oh was not a pleasant woman to be around when she was angry. I think I'd rather be on the other side of China than be in the same room as her when she gets fired up.

I looked back at Haechan who nodded a little.

'Seeing as none of you are owning up to it now, I expect whoever the culprit or culprits are to go to the principles office immediately after form room and own up to what they've done.' And with that she stormed out.

As soon as she left the murmur of my classmates hummed like a swarm of bees, discussing who would take a teachers bike and why?

The bell rang and we all stood up, our chairs making that awful squeaking scraping noise hey make when they are pushed backwards.

I approached Zhi Ruo immediately and nudged her a little.

'Should we go.' I asked in a hushed voice.

She nodded a little in a way that reminded me of a scared child. I felt awfully sorry for her.

'I'll take the blame. It's not your fault, it's mine.' I said as we left the classroom.

She didn't say anything but looked at her hands and walked on, an expressionless face but a look of nothing but fear in her big brown eyes.

'It's going to be okay.' I reassured her to which she smiled.

Her smile reassured me a little and made it feel as if there was nothing wrong in the world.

But oh how I wish that were true..

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