Chapter 10: The Queen of Hearts

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It was one very boring week as said by Sherlock. It really was for people like him, a day without a crime is another day of misery for him, luckily he wasn't alone.
Perrie was also feeling very bored, she sat on the edge of her bed as she glanced at one of the picture frames that contained a letter, a letter she has never opened even once. She stared upon it with the slightest of light from the morning sun that's hidden within her slightly opened window.

She sighed as she picks up her phone that sat on her bedside table only to find that she had a message from DI Lestrade.

"I got a good one for you, but don't bring Sherlock. This one's strictly for you. Report immediately."

It said. Unexpectedly, as she read the text, she was smiling, she was happy that finally, something good is coming for her. She immediately strode her way out of her flat locking the door securely as she carried her coat in her left arm. She was excited. She worked her way out trying her best not to be seen by either Sherlock nor John. She got out of the building and waved out for the taxi, Later on, the cab was driving out the curb.

~ ~ ~

In Scotland Yard, Perrie walked up to the reception only to be lead straight to the DI's office.

'You asked for me?' She said as she met the DI midway through the rows and rows of cubicles. 'Ah, yes. I got a good one for you, this may also be some kind of- test, you know, to ensure that you deserve this badge.' The DI explained as he walked while Perrie followed behind only for the man to stop and show Perrie the golden badge that has her name on it.

She looked at the badge with the biggest smile she has ever made in a long time, only for it to disappear. She stared at it for a little longer with the smile turned to a frown. She was happy about the badge, yes, but the sad thing was it wasn't her name on it; it was Perrie, not Claire.

'Something wrong with it?' Greg asks as he looked upon the frowning Perrie. 'Oh no it's- it's just that I never really had his kind of... Badge.' She lied, she had many of them. 'Well, it'll be the first time you'll use it, and if you do an exceptional work then this will be yours- permanently.' He replied as he handed the badge to Perrie, who took the badge politely from his hand and neatly tucked it in her coat pocket.

The two walked, Perrie still following behind as Greg starts to explain about the case. 'Dead man found on the bank of the river Thames, central London, no weapon or sign of a killer. Josh Dallas, American about in his 50's and a police officer, face almost smashed but the identity was in the ID card.' He explained as he and Perrie went on to enter his office where he rushed to find something in one of his desk drawers. 'But?' Perrie asks for she knew that there was something more about this story, there always is.

The man looks at her for a moment quite surprised by her reaction, he was thinking that she could've guessed by now, but he lets it go. 'But, there was a note- and some kind of drug we couldn't identify.'

'I have to warn you if it's something that has to do with chemistry, I am not for it. I am rubbish at those.' She honestly said looking down on her nails anxiously.

'On that part, you can probably bring in Sherlock.' Greg says as he looked straight at Perrie. 'The first case as an official, now help us out.' Greg orders as he led the way to the parking area where a lot of officers has already gathered ready to go. Not moments after they arrived, they were now headed to the intended crime scene.

~ ~ ~

Later, they are now walking through the northern banks of the river Thames. The smell of rotting corpse filled the crime scene making everyone crunch up their faces in disgust but they were handed masks to cover up their faces. The river bank was quite with the river Thames flowing quietly as it is on its low tide. '3 days dead and you just found him now?' Perrie asks as they approached the corpse. The DI was quite impressed now suggesting the fact that he didn't tell her how long the man has probably been laying dead. 'Yes, but he wasn't here in the exact spot when we found him, he was under the bridge face flat on the ground.' Explained the DI. Perrie listened to him carefully as she crouched down on the dead man with his face almost unrecognisable due to the smash, he wore a long coat with big trousers. Perrie continued to examine the body as soon as she was handed a pair of surgical gloves.

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