The arrival of the Commander

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"Clarke, you made it back." Charlotte said as the family pulled back from her and the little girl hugged her tightly. "I promised you I would, didn't I? Seriously, you people need to have more faith in me." Clarke said as the girl looked at her smiling and nodded. "I was worried." Charlotte said and tears feel down her eyes and Clarke wiped them away. "I know but I am right here, mostly intact so everything is fine, okay? There is no need to worry anymore." She said gently and the young girl nodded at her hugging her again.

"Sweetheart, you have blood all over your face, we need to get you checked. See if you're okay, if there are any injuries or anything we should know about." Abby said to her daughter worriedly and Clarke just shook her head. "No, Mom. I need to speak with the rest of the Council right now, there is something you must know immediately. It's about the people who took us." She said to her mother and pulled back from Charlotte as she looked at Raven. "How many of us are here?" she asked the mechanic.

"Nine." Raven answered her. "The boys?" she asked her and she nodded. "Clarke, slow down. Go with your mother and get checked out." Jaha said to her and she just looked at him before she looked at Raven motioning for her to come near her. "I won't slow down because I have many things to do. And mom, I am fine. The cuts are not that deep. I just need to get clean. Raven, come with me. I need to talk to you." She said hugging her parents and Charlotte as well as Kane, whispering to him to get the council together.

Then she moved past everyone and along with Raven, she walked inside Alpha Station. "Where are the boys?" she asked her once Raven showed her inside what was their shared room and closed the door behind them for privacy. "Gone after the station, Murphy went with them with clear instructions to not let them go anywhere else. They should be back by tomorrow. Anya?" Raven asked her as Clarke started removing the grounder clothes. "Sponge bath, how I missed those." Clarke said as she got inside the bathroom and started cleaning herself.

"Anya is fine and on her way back to her people to get me an audience with Lexa." She said and Raven smirked from where she was, away to give the girl some privacy. "Your white ass can't' wait to see Her Commanderness, can you?" Raven said joking and Clarke smiled and shaking her head to herself. "I have waited a year to see her. I can't believe that she's only two days away." She said as she pushed the sponge on her legs. "And our friends inside the Mountain?" Raven asked her. "I was able to get Jasper, Jessica and Monty on our side and onto the rebellion so that's a win." Clarke said as the brunette agreed and the blonde continued on with her bath.

The blonde than grabbed the new undergarments that Raven had given her almost walked out earlier angry with something from the other team. "Your outfit, princess." Raven said as Clarke saw it was the same one as before and smiled putting it on before turning to Raven. "How do I look?" she asked her and Raven smirked. "Like a leader." She said giving Clarke the necklace back as the blonde looked at it, she smiled and put it around her neck and Raven smiled at her before they walked out of the room and suddenly, Clarke was enveloped in a hug and she immediately knew that it was Wells. "Hey." She said to him as he twirled her around and put her down.

"Nice looking face." He said joking at her and she smiled. "It is good to see you too Wells." She said to him and he smiled before turning serious. "Clarke, what about Jessica?" he asked her. "She is fine and I promise to tell you everything but later. Now I have to go talk to the council, okay? I promise." She said to him and he nodded. "Okay, I will see you later." He said to her and she nodded as they hugged once more and the girls went on their way coming to what was made to be the new council room, seeing everyone inside standing by the table, she nodded and joined them with Raven by her side.

"Okay, I will go straight to the point. I was in Mount Weather." She said to them and they were shocked except Raven and Kane but they knew how to pretend. "You told us Mount Weather was off limits with the grounders." Jaha said to her and she nodded. "And it is, for good reason. There are people leaving inside Mount Weather, the grounders call them the Mountain Men and they are not nice people." She said to them. "Why do you say that, kiddo?" Jake asked her. "They capture grounders to drain them of their blood." She said at once.

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