Great Escape

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It was well into dark when Octavia found herself pacing by the statue where Lincoln left her as she waited for the two grounders to arrive. She was getting impatient, they were taking too long to get there and she started fearing that the woman wouldn't bring Lincoln and would kill him instead and find herself a new healer. "Looks like you will have to kill me." Nyko said and chuckled just before they heard noises coming from the bushes and as soon as she saw their silhouettes, she walked back to the tall man and pulled him with her.

Within a few more steps, Indra and Lincoln stopped and she looked him over and there was lot of blood and wounds on his body. "He's hurt." Octavia said. "For what he's done, he should be dead." Indra said to her as Lincoln looked at his former chief and she gave a nod for him to start walking and he did slowly and once she was sure it was safe, Octavia turned to Nyko. "I'm sorry." She whispered and pushed him forward and he started walking and shared a look with Lincoln as they crossed paths and he got closer, smiling at her but just before he could get close, he looked behind her and called out.

"Reapers." He yelled and she turned around and raised her sword just in time to stop an attack as more appeared and a fight started between the four of them but with their hands tied, it wasn't a fair one and soon enough, one of the reapers punched her really hard in the face as she fell to the ground and watched as Indra was pushed down and she could also see though with her vision already turning to a blur that the monsters were taking Lincoln and Nyko away as she weakly called for him and heard him screaming her name, just before everything went black for her.

Meanwhile in the Mountain, once Monty got help and the medical team finally got to her, Clarke was immediately brought to medical section of the Mountain as the doctor patched up her arm all the while Clarke pretended to be unconscious by slowing her breathing and trying to calm down her heartbeats which wasn't hard given all the training she did in the Valley. She felt the woman, Dr. Tsing, the bitch, put a bandage on the cut on her arm and move away and Clarke slowly opened her eyes to see the cruel doctor opening a door and closing it behind her and that was when she knew it was time for to get out of the bed.

This time, she didn't stop to check on the guard who was on the bed, Langston, she had no need to check what they were doing to him, she already knew he was receiving grounders blood so she walked past him and his bed and went straight to air ventilators as she used a chair to get up to their level as she grabbed the grid and using the strength she still had in her while not forcing her arm too much so she wouldn't pull the stiches, she was able to pull it away and she managed to get herself up and crawled inside and through the small tunnel.

She made her way to the other side as quickly as she could and when she got there, she pushed the grid forward and crawled out as she got to the harvest room and it looked exactly like she remembered, only that this time, she didn't stop to see what was going on, she already knew so she quickly went to grab the same metal thing she used before and went straight to Anya's cage and broke the padlock and opened the door and got inside, grabbing it. The woman looked at her in confusion and shock and something of relief.

"I will get us out of here but keep quiet okay?" Clarke whispered to her and the grounder nodded just as the doors opened and Dr. Tsing came inside to check on the bodies, grab another package of their blood and once again, the woman started walking slowly while checking the cages and Clarke held her breath but the other grounders did the same thing they did last time and went to touch the doctor who went back out without discovering them. Once the door was closed, Clarke got out of the cage and pulled Anya with her. "Come on, we gotta go now." She whispered to the weak grounder.

She carried Anya towards the same door of the containment area as last time and pulled it open as she got them to the same small room as before, since it was their only way out, at least the only one Clarke knew for sure that it would work for them. "How did you find me?" Anya asked her once they were inside it and Clarke shook her head. "Now, it's not the time for questions, okay? Ask me that when we are out of here and I will tell you everything I know." Clarke said to her and the grounder nodded.

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