Plans In and Out

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Once they were sent back to their rooms, Clarke didn't go after President Wallace like she did before demanding answers just so he could spill his lies and expect her to believe them blindly as if she was an idiot. She didn't know if he thought she was that naïve to believe his story of arrow wounds or he was simply testing her but she wouldn't do that again. She was almost a fully trained doctor, she knew what she saw, the fact that he would expect her to believe him, especially this time around was laughable.

So instead of doing that, she went and got to where Jasper, Jessica and Monty were sitting down and she joined them sitting down besides Jasper and across from Monty and Jessica. "Hey." She said to them and they nodded. "Hey, Jasper told us what you guys saw in the room. Bullet wounds, was it?" Jessica whispered lowly and Clarke nodded. "But that is not important anymore." She said to them and they looked at each other. "What do you mean?" Monty asked her and she sighed.

"They know Jasper and I saw it and if they are trying to keep up the appearance, they will probably make it so that the wound looks like an arrow one so we will think it was the grounders and not our people who shot the guy." She said to them and Jasper shook his head. "I don't understand. Why would they do that?" he asked her and she looked at him "Because they don't want us to leave, they want us here for whatever reasons they have. We can't trust them. We can only trust ourselves right now." She said to them and the other two nodded.

"I also think that there is something weird about this place. The people here are strange, they look like they are hiding something." Jessica said to her as they looked around and Clarke smiled internally. Monty and Jessica would be crucial to the revolution on the inside, now she only needed to get Jasper on board, since he would be the kids' leader in here and she could start thinking about escaping already. "I just can't believe they are bad people." Jasper said and she noticed him looking at Maya and smiling at her while she read a book and Clarke smiled at him holding his hand.

"Maybe Maya is different Jas, but not the others, not the leaders. If there is something wrong in this place, you can bet they plan to make us a part of it but I'm not sure we won't be the prey and I need your help. We need to save our people. Can I count on all of you?" she asked them. Jessica nodded right away and the boys looked at each other and she could see Jasper's doubt but then he nodded. "Yeah, you can count on us." He said to her and she smiled before she noticed his expressions and turned to see Langston walking around.

"Clarke, is that the guy we saw earlier?" Jasper asked her and she nodded. "It is." She said to him. "The guy with the body full of radiation?" Monty asked them and they nodded. "But how?" Jessica asked and Jasper shook his head. "I have no idea," He said and she knew this was her cue to get ready to escape and she smiled to herself before she turned to them. "I do. Follow me." She said and stood up and the three friends looked at each other before following her to their dorms and she closed the door. "Now, I need you to listen to me very carefully." She said to them and they nodded.

"The idea I have is going to be very risky but it's the best one I have. When we were there, we heard a guy say that someone needed a treatment, right Jasper?" she asked him and the boy nodded. "Yeah, we did." He said agreeing with her and she nodded. "Then if that is right, they must have brought that guy to get it and if so, he must have gotten it in medical. You understand what I am saying?" she asked them and they nodded. "We can only find out what treatment it is if we get to medical ourselves." Jessica said to her and she smiled. "That's exactly what I am going to do." She said to them and they looked shocked.

"Clarke, no. You can't get hurt." Jasper said worried about her and she grabbed one of his hands in hers and squeezed it. Last time, she had lost their friendship, Jasper's more than Monty's but she was intent on not losing them again. They were people she cared about very deeply and to remember what is like to have them care for her like this as well, without all the hate the disappointment and the hurt, well, it was overwhelming for her and tears almost came to her eyes but she pushed them back.

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