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I can't do this, I just can't

"So we mate now" I said and Travis gave a disgusted expression

Seriously dude that's not what I mean.

"It's your choice" daryl said

"But you definitely know I won't do it" I arched a brow

"Oh but you have to, I mean it's still strange but I-i-i- it's your choice" he nodded and rested on the chair properly.

"But I can't be a Luna if am not a...... holy shit am a wolf too, no wonder I healed so fast." I said, so great am a wolf too.

"Yep" daryl said

"Daryl" travis said and daryl turned

"Dude hope you are aware tomorrow is the full moon" travis got up and shoved his hands in his pocket.

"Yeah" daryl said with a sad expression on his face.

Daryls pov

"Are you okay" Holland asked

"Yeah sure I mean, full moon" I shook my head

"Dude,you have to stay here tonight, so you can be ready" travis said

" I don't understand what's going on" Holland got up too.

"Listen hot cake,he can't control his powers during the full moon, during the full moon I chain him so he doesnt hurt people and be exposed, most especially so he won't cut through my guts" travis said sarcastically

"Daryl is this true" Holland asked and I turned my face to the other side and sighed

"Yes" I replied

"but is there no other way, you can't have him chained, he's not an animal" Holland said, with a caring look.

Am starting to like you hot cake, I thought

"Um,technically he's an animal, he's a wolf, am if you are willing to die in my place if I don't chain him then do it." travis shrugged and Holland glared at him which made him shiver.


"Hahaha travis, real mature, can you please excuse us I wanna talk to him" I asked travis.

I just don't feel right anytime daryls in a bad mood.

"Sure hot cake" travis said and winked at daryl who just smiled and kept staring at the floor.

Finally the annoying but hot boy is outta here.

I moved closer to daryl and touched his shoulders which made him look up.

"Hey talk to me, you look grown up enough to handle anything so how come you can't control your powers." I asked lightly

And he sighed

"I just can't , anytime it's the full moon, I-i-i don't understand, I just feel Rage and anger and ugh!!!" He ran his hands though his hair, he's just so frustrated right now.

"It's okay, just calm down, I will be there for you" I said and caressed his hair gently

"I may not grant the help you need but I ju....." he placed his lips on mine kissing me and I kissed him back.

I heard a book drop and we both turned

It's travis with his mouth opened

Travis pov

Am in shock right now, they are kissing? I mean mate and all but how did they get along so fast.

"Sorry for interrupting whatever" I begged and bent to pick the book

What a classic kiss that must be cause my friend is still licking his lips, way to go hot cake.

"Um I found this" I said while opening a page in the book and taking a seat

"Let me see that" daryl collected the book from me

"Leviathan is a twin??" He arched a brow

"Yes infact he works in an hospital before but got sack because he was caught harassing a patient and since then he left texas" I explained "He's weird cause he's got scary eyes" I continued

"No he's back, he's working in the hospital, he's always acting so weird" Holland explained

"Um that's not all guys" daryl said.

"Uh come on can't we have normal people problems?," Holland squeezed her face

"Tomorrow marks the hundredth full moon, and it says here, that
"On the hundredth full moon,thou which has been cast will be brought up again to wreck havoc and take revenge" daryl is confused and fuck so am I.

"The canasist" Holland whispered

"Who's the canasist" I and daryl asked

"The canasist he's coming back" Holland whispered

"Who is he?" I asked again

"The elder brother of the leviathan twins

The almighty shapeshifter

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