Chapter 21

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The Kidnappers

A/N: Get ready for some action because the the next few chapters are going to get intense. Enjoy!!!

Kaitie's POV:

I woke up and a bright light automatically hit my eyes. I winced from the brightness. I was sitting in a chair with my hands tied to the back. My ankles were tied together and my lips were duck taped shut. I heard footsteps come closer to the room I was in. I pretended to be asleep still. "They're still out." I heard and man yell to someone in another room as he came closer to me to make sure. He then walked next to me and stopped. In a couple seconds he left the room.

I looked up again and scammed the room. Christina was next to me and she was legit still asleep. They must've drugged us. We did a whole day of escaping this type of stuff in training, but nothing came to mind as quickly as I wanted it to. I looked closer at my surroundings. It seems like we're in the basement of an abandoned dance school. I could tell by the paintings on the walls. I could remember these paintings from somewhere. I just can't figure it out. I was obsessed with dancers when I was little. My favorite was Juliana Hoberts. She danced at Studio Star. Juliana would record her dances that she rehearsed in her dance school's basement and post them on youtube before her studio moved to a bigger location. This was the basement. I used to think my obsession with dancers as a kid was lame and now I couldn't thank myself enough.

I started to focus on my training on how to get out of these situations. I rocked back and forth with no progress. "What are you doing?" I heard Christina say as she effortlessly started untieing her hands. In about 2 minutes her hands were free. She started to untie her ankles when a crashing sound came from the door. I knew something was about to go down.

Lilly's POV:

"We have to save them. Why are you so against this?" I started to yell at General Forson. "It's too close to the Central Park mission. We can't risk all that we worked for." he replied back at me. I turned around and walked towards the door. Before I exited I wanted to tell him what I was going to do loud and clear. "Don't worry, I have my own team. Don't bother sending our older agent babysitters either." I said getting closrr to the door. "Oh, and I dissmiss myself." I said getting as snappy as possible. He messed with the wrong teenage girl. I can't believe he would risk two young girl's lives for a mission.

"Come on guys. Gear up. We're going to haul ass on these kidnappers." I said and the boys all looked at me surprised. "So we got permission?" Josh asked. "I never said that. These are our friends and family. We have to protect them. They can't stop us." I said and we made a break out.

"How are we gonna find them?" John asked as we pulled out in our own car. "Easy. Every spy gets a chip in them as a baby or if they become spies later it gets placed in them before they start working on missions. All the chip navigators are in each of the General's offices. And guess who is sneaky enough to get one." I explained, holding up a navigator I "borrowed" from General Forson. "I like this side of you, Williams." Chris said grabbing the navigator and typing in the names. He was our tech guy.

"Left here." Chris said to Jake as we pulled up across the street from an abandoned dance school. "In there." Chris stated checking the navigator twice to make sure. "Okay, John go around the back. My guess is their hiding them. Look through windows and if you spot them break the glass and help them. Josh go with him. Chris and Lilly are with me. We will slip through the front door and apply some pain. Everyone good?" Jake said balling his fist in his hand. "What are we waiting for?" John said jumping out of the car.

I knocked on the door as the boys hid next to me . A big guy came to answer. "Hi!" I said energetically and then kicked him right in the stomach. He flew across the room. He was on the floor but trying to get back up. I pushed him back onto his back. "Teaches you not to talk to strangers."I whispered in his ear while pinning him down then knocked him unconscious and tied him to the ballet bar thing. "Feisty. I like it." Jake said before we proceeded to the back changing rooms and office. "Jean, who's there?" I heard a man yell from the office. "Oh, just a girl looking for her friends." I said standing at the doorway with my arms crossed. "Oh, and my bodyguards, of course." I said and let the boys pass me. They football tackled the guy and pinned him to the wall. "How many of you are there?" Chris asked applying some pressure to his collar bone. "I don't know. Why don't you turn around and find out." He said and I felt a hand grab my arm and spin me around. "This is the daughter, Sir." the tall man said looking at me and the other two guys behind him agreed. "Take her to the others. " the guy that seemed to be the boss had said before Chris punched him in the gut and handcuffed him to a desk. "Not if I can help it." Jake said and started to run towards the guy holding me. I was instantly turned around and had a gun pointing to my head. Jake came to a hault, but I remember a scenario we rehearsed in training. "Please don't hurt her. I beg you." Jake said and that was the signal. I dropped down to the floor, Chris pulled the gun from under the desk and shot all three of them in the shoulders and then proceeded to shoot them in the knees, disabling them. "Phew, thanks guys." I said moving the hair from my face.

I walked over the whining men. I searched the dance school a little and then I hit the jackpot. A basement door. I kicked it open and ran down the stairs. The boys had already untied Kaitie and Christina. "We thought you guys would never show up." John said teasing, but I barely heard him. I ran up to Kaitie and hugged her. "Thank you for not dieing. My spy side came out to find you." I said letting go. "She went all badass, didn't she?" Kaitie asked the boys. "Yes." they all said in unison. "Lets get out of her. They won't be on the floor forever." I said and we just walked past the bleeding boys. I may have kicked a couple out of the way, but they had it coming. We loaded up in the car and got back to base.

The first thing I did when we got back was go to General Forson's office. "Hello Lilly. Did you come to apologize?" he asked completely unaware we had even left. Nor did he know we got the girls back. "No. I came to inform you that we retrieved our spies from the enemy. And that is how to properly save kidnapped agents. Your welcome." I said slamming the navigator down on his desk. He looked at the device shocked. He didn't even know it was gone. I walked out and took a deep breathe. I did what I needed to do and I don't care who tells me I'm wrong. I helped save two girls and I'm proud. Now I can drop the spy attitude. In four days when we go to Central Park I can gain it back, along with my father.


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