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10 Years Later

It's been a year since Shuren officially became Shuren. All his life he has lived as Shui and done everything for Shui, so it was quite weird to live as Shuren at first, and to hear people, other than his parents, call him Shuren. But, it was nice to not have to do anything anymore for anybody other than himself.

However, just as Shuren became accustomed to his peaceful, quiet, independent life far away from home, he received a sobbing call from his dad.

"Sniff. You need to come home right now. It's important, Shui needs you." His dad sniffled over the phone before abruptly hanging up.

Shuren was very hesitant to go back, but since his parents requested it, he dejected made the long travel back to his parents' home in B city.


Thanks to his father's hard work, when Shuren and Shui turned 13 years old, their small family was able to move out from the little cottage to a middle-class family home in the suburbs. Then when Shui and Shuren turn 17, their father received a very generous promotion at work and was able to buy a decent piece of land and a house in a nature friendly area. This house was huge for their family of 4, the house has 7 rooms, 5 bathroom, a large kitchen for his dad, a workshop for his father, and 4 garages. The neatly designed home was also surrounded by a field of fresh, green trees and grasses. It is a very nice and beautiful home. However, even though the house looks beautiful, warm, and cozy, Shuren couldn't help but sigh dejectedly as his cab gets closer and closer to his parents' drive way.

When the cab finally stopped in front of the pale brick driveway, instead of immediately stepping out, Shuren took a few long second before finally pushing open the door.


After gathering his thoughts and releasing another tired, defeated sigh, Shuren finally pressed the doorbell.

After two rings, a tall, muscular, tan man opened the door with a soft yet seemingly apologetic smile.

"Shuren." The tall tan man said.

"Father." Shuren pasted a polite smile on his face as he greeted his father and stepped inside the house.


It wasn't until dinner when Shuren actually met Shui and his dad, Xinya.

As the family of four sat around the circular dinner table eating, Shuren noticed that his dad would turn to his father every so often and give him a face. But Dalen would just glance at Shuren then lower his head and quietly ignore Xinya's looks. After a few minutes of trying, Xinya finally gave up and decided to bring up the topic himself.

"Shuren, you remember how I mentioned that something important happened here?" Xinya softly spoke as he smiled.

Having gone thru this pretense all his life, as his dad talked, Shuren did not even bother to lift his head from his plate even once.

"Shuren, Shui is very trouble about it. Won't you help him out?" Xinya finally finished after a few long minutes.

With his sight still focused on his plate, Shuren grabbed his cup and began swirling it as he told his dad.

"I'm not sure what I can do to help. Shui is already married, how can I continue to pretend to be him. Even if I do, how will I make the situation any better?"

"Shuren..." Xinya looked at Shui's sad and dejected expression before continuing.

"...You just need to stay there till that omega gives birth. Shui can't take the stress anymore." Xinya said as he held Shui's hand and squeezed it.

Setting the half-filled cup of water back on the table, Shuren finally looked at his dad and younger twin brother. "hmn... what happens if the paternity test shows that Mr. Luu's child does belong to Mr. Ru." Shuren sighs.

"Um... I..I can deal with it then. I... I just can't... I need a break from the manor. Please Shuren. Please help me this once." Shui pleaded with big watery eyes.

Seeing Shui's sad, depress expression most people couldn't help but pamper Shui, Xinya and Dalen are no different and immediately try to comfort Shui. Shuren on the other hand has seen Shui's innocent, pitiful expression numerous times before and know his little brother a lot better than his parents do, so instead of rushing to comfort Shui like he did when they were kids, per usual, Shuren lowered his head and just poked at his food.

"Shui... don't be sad, Shuren will definitely help you out. He's your brother, he'll definitely help." Xinya said as he hugged Shui.

Dalen on the other hand said nothing and just patted Shui's back.

"Dad, I can't. Why can't Shui just tell his husband that he wants to stay with you for a while... or go on a trip?" Shuren said as he continued to poke at the left-over food on his plate.

"Shuren, Shui really needs your help. It'll just be for a while. You must help him." Xinya frown as he spoke.

Shuren also began frowning and furrowing his brows slightly, but still managed to say in a calm tone, "Dad it makes no difference if I'm there or not. And in case you all don't remember, Shui is married now. He has a husband, how can I pretend to be him now. Would Shui and you two really be okay with me being that close to his husband? ...I have also registered for fall college courses this year. So I really can't."

As Xinya was about to open his mouth to speak again, Dalen grabbed Xinya's free hand and gave it a light squeeze before saying, "Honey, why don't we just talk with Mr.Ru about this instead. Lets just tell him that Shui is understanding of him bringing Mr. Luu into the manor because of the child Mr. Lu is carrying, but that it's taking a toll on Shui's mental health."

However, before Xinya could give Dalen a reply, Shui released himself from Xinya's hold and pleaded to Shuren.

"Please, I promise this is the last time. Please Shuren. I need you to be there. If I'm there... that omega will replace me in Cedric's heart. Sniff. Please help me. I don't have anyone else. I really need your help just this once. Sniff."

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