071| Who I Am

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I hold another life
In my palms
Open wide
Until it vanishes

I switch between skies
From horizons
To spaces
Of unseen galaxies

I choose every day
A new soul
Like clothes
We change every day

I struggle to see
The ends of
The paths
I have been given

I wonder always
What to do
Where to go
Or what to understand

I cry when I can't
Hear or feel
The people
Or the emotions

They say I don't like
Smiles and laughs
Because I'm
Despaired inside

But maybe, maybe
I'm lost
Between sunshine
And twilight

They don't see
How I burn
In daylight
And fade under stars

They don't hear
The whispers or
The screams,

They don't seem to like
The words I write
Because they have
Signs of my angst

They can't accept
Me for who I am
Why? Because I'm
Not who I am

So they hate me
For that is nice
Instead of wondering
What I'm like


I'm that truth, you can't see
I'm that air, you can't breath
I'm those lies, you can't speak
I'm those words, you can't bleed

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