Chapter 75: Message

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 July 19, 2018

Xiaonian snuggled deep into her blankets as the air condition ran at a lower temperature setting. Her head disappeared under the sheets and only few strands of her silky hair escaped the confines of the blanket and scattered on the white pillow contrasting starkly.

Gong Ouyang supported his head on his hands as he watched the blanket covered bulge wiggle. His hand lazily reached out to touch a few strands and rubbed them between his fingers feeling the silken texture slide along.

He remembered last evening when she touched him out of her own initiative. His eyes darkened for a second before it was replaced by a hint of satisfaction. He looped the hair around his finger and played with it.

Was she falling in love with him?

If this was how it was, then he wholeheartedly commended the direction of this relationship. He wanted her to look at him like that again and touch him with the same gentleness and care. 

He suddenly sharply tugged at the piece of hair in his fingers eliciting a muffled protest. The strand of hair slipped off his fingers as the person under the sheets turned around once again. 

Gong Ouyang turned around and fell back on the bed with his hands folded behind his head. He stared at the ceiling as he contemplated his life now.

A woman, his woman. It did not seem like a bad idea. He would have run a mile and some more just a year ago.

A smile curved his lips enhancing the cold look in his dark eyes.

Beep beep. Beep beep.

A message alert punctured the low drone of the air condition. 

Xiaonian’s slender hand slipped out of the blanket as she blindly searched for her phone, but as soon as she found it, another larger hand gripped hers.

Before she could pull down the sheets, Gong Ouyang flipped her out making her squeak in discomfort.

What bit him so early?

When she opened her eyes slowly to the bright sunlight streaming into the room, the first thing she saw was Gong Ouyang’s face coldly staring at her.

For a few seconds, they both looked at each other without making any move and then Gong Ouyang slowly moved his gaze away from her and without any warning snatched her cell phone from her hand. 

He did not immediately look at it, instead he stared at Xiaonian with deep dark eyes, “It’s 6 in the morning. Who’s in such a hurry to message you at this time?”

Xiaonian’s thoughts felt blurry and did not quite wake up and had difficulty processing Gong Ouyang’s question.

What message?

Gong Ouyang straddled her waist and his face loomed above hers, his dark eyes staring at her intently.

Xiaonian brushed hair off of her face and pulled herself up to sit opposite Gong Ouyang who made no attempt at stopping her movements.

Xiaonian curiously looked at her phone in his hand. The pink phone looked quite silly in his big hand. As she watched, Gong Ouyang tightened his grip on the cellphone making Xiaonian think that the old phone might crack any minute now. And sure enough, she heard a distinct crack and the plastic screen broke into three big pieces.

Xiaonian hurriedly tried to grab the phone but Gong Ouyang expressionlessly held it away from her.

Sighing in exasperation, Xiaonian backed off and looked at him, “You broke my phone,” she told him calmly.

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