Chapter 74: Giving in

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The next few days, Xiaonian acted more cautiously around Gong Ouyang. But, Gong Ouyang on the other hand, behaved as if the incident never happened. 

The only thing that changed was how he now constantly asked her if she was in love with him yet.

Xiaonian felt quite speechless.

He behaved without any consideration towards her and yet expected her to fall in love with him? How was that possible?

But despite her many objections towards his behavior, she found that she was not as uncomfortable with Gong Ouyang’s unreasonable behavior as she was before.

When she first realized this, she dropped a coffee cup in shock. 

If this incident happened few months back, she would have been drowning in suffocation for weeks. But now, a part of her came to terms with his behavior quickly.

Except for her fear at Gong Ouyang’s ability to cause her pain during those times, she subconsciously believed that she wouldn’t be harmed once the anger passed.

Once she realized her almost accepting attitude towards Gong Ouyang’s temper tantrums, she shut herself off in her study and refused to come out for the whole day sweltering in shame and self directed anger.

But that came to an end once she came to terms with the fact that her behavior now was more conducive to living here in TianZhi. 

What would happen if she worried endlessly?

Would Gong Ouyang let her go?


But if she accepted his irrationality, at least temporarily, she can continue to look for opportunities without becoming an emotional mess.

And that was all she wanted.

To survive here until she found a way out. And it shouldn’t be long. 

She now knew how to contact Tang Yi and knew she was here in this city for the time being. If she could just find a chance to meet her again, she might find more clues to what happened. Or at least, find out why Tang Yi refused to give evidence in her favor.

Xiaonian rubbed her tense eyebrows with her delicate fingers. The thinking, worrying and anxiety have taken their toll and now she was constantly inundated with headaches. 

She went to pick up the herbal tea on her table a maid concocted to alleviate her headaches. As she was sipping her tea, her sight kept drifting constantly to the sparkling diamond ring on her finger. 

She never thought that she would be given a diamond ring by anyone. Actually, she never thought that a man would demand that she love him.

Xiaonian placed the cup back on the table as she slipped into her usual thoughts again.

Why her?

A rich and handsome man like him probably has a long line of women waiting to love him at his beck and call. Why should he force someone like her to love him? 

She used to think that this was all a game to him, but she did not understand any more. His behavior, his attitude towards her were changing and becoming something she couldn’t make head or tails of.

After months of observing him, he still remained a mystery.

For whatever reason, in his mind, he considers her important.


She could feel her headache intensifying.

The tea wasn’t helping anymore and she can’t even concentrate on her work while she was being distracted by her thoughts so much.

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