Chapter 70-72

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- July 13, 2018

T/N: A combined release to make up for the non-release days. :3

Tianzhi’s upscale supermarket did not carry the brands she liked to eat, and she was determined to buy as many as she can and hoard them in her study.

When she stepped out of the store with another two bags packed with stuff into the middle of the crowd she felt an immense sense of relief, as if she was finally where she belonged. She felt comforted and safe in an environment like this, this was what she was used to. That horrendously expensive TianZhi never actually felt like home.

She adjusted her bags and tucked her purse beneath her elbow and walked in the direction of the car when a young man around her age stopped her near the intersection.

When Xiaonian looked up, she saw a smart looking guy in his glasses holding a laptop bag in his hand. He caught her looking at him and his cheeks blushed red which became apparent on his pale cheeks. 

“Yes?” Xiaoinan asked giving a small smile. S city was a big place and it was not uncommon for people to get lost here. Although she herself never found the directions difficult, over years, she had a lot of people approach her directions. She knew it was scary to be in new places by yourself, so she always made an extra effort to be nice.

“ I..” the man stuttered looking extremely shy, “do you know where the nearest bus station is?”

Xiaonian put down her bags, brushed her hair back behind her ear and pointed to the nearest route. “See the small book store there? Take a right there and then take a right again, you should see the entrance to the station there.”

“Thank you. Um, those bags look heavy, do you want me to give you a hand?” his ears reddened further.

“No, no. I’m good. Just some snacks and art supplies,” she said breezily picking up her bags. This man looks like a genuinely nice person. Her impression on him automatically improved.

“Oh, are you an artist?” he asked looking interested.

“I guess-”

“Miss, we’ll escort you to the car,” one of the bodyguard came forward and picked the bags from her hand interrupting her conversation, and stood between her and the stranger.


The stranger mumbled a goodbye and quickly walked away while Xiaonian stood rooted to her spot. She glanced at the bodyguard but he looked as stoic as he did in the morning.

Sighing audibly she surrendered two of her bags and stubbornly held onto the other two as she followed him back to the car.


They were almost near the gates of TianZhi when the bodyguard driving the car made a U-turn.

“We are not going to TianZhi?” Xiaonian asked looking back the gates that were moving further away from her.

“Master wants us to meet him at a restaurant outside the city Miss.”

A restaurant? ….for lunch? 

The drive to the restaurant took them 15 minutes and by the time they reached the place, it was already 2 in the noon. The car stopped by the entrance and the bodyguard from before once again opened the car door for her.

This action for some reason really did not sit well with her.

When she stepped out the car she saw the five star hotel before her and involuntarily took a step back. One bodyguard drove the car to parking while another escorted her inside. The doorman opened the door glancing at Xiaonian from top to bottom.

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