Chapter 67: Settling score

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The next morning-  

Gong Ouyang’s hand searched inside the quilt until he found the soft body he was looking for. He pulled a sleepy Xiaonian under him and kissed her as one of his hand held her cheeks to keep her still.

Xiaonian tired from the emotional ordeal slept as soon as she hit the bed and had yet to wake up. Feeling the ticklish touch on her face she made to move away but something held her in place making her unable to turn away. Once she felt the grip slacken, she turned around sinking into the sheets and re-entering the dream land.


Gong Ouyang watched her dig deeper into the bed as soon as he let her go.

He played with her hair for a minute before he headed into the bathroom for a shower and walked out in a towel.

Since he started living in Tianzhi maids were prohibited from entering into his bedroom. Although it was slightly  inconvenient in the mornings, it was better than being interrupted during his morning rituals with Xiaonian.

When he got into the living room, Feng De was trimming a bonsai in the corner meticulously.

When he saw Gong Ouyang, he stopped his work, and bowed respectfully, “Master.”

Gong Ouyang buttoned his cuff links, “Shi family’s relationship with Xiaonian, I want a report on it,” he said without looking at Feng De.

Family relationship? Feng de was taken aback at his master’s request, but he immediately gathered himself and nodded, “Yes young master.”

Gong Ouyang sat in the sofa and picked up the business paper and went through the headlines, “when we investigated Xiaonian, why was there no mention about her relationship with her family?”

Feng De resumed his pruning as he answered his master, “Regarding that, Miss Shi was already living away from her family for years, so they did not think it had any bearing on the report. Also, they analyzed that her poor relationship with her family and her sister’s rise in stardom popularity might be the reason why Miss Shi might have resorted to drugging young master. They concluded that such behavior might have stemmed from her trying to climb up in the society to stand on equal footing with them.”

Gong Ouyang paused the page he was about to flip. Back then, he did not care much about her personal information, just the basics to help him coerce her. After all, these kind of things are usually taken care of by someone on the lower rung. If his own child was not involved, that might have been the case.

If he did not see Xiaonian with her foster mother yesterday, he wouldn’t have known anything.

Gong Ouyang closed the paper and put it back on the table, “about what I asked you a few days back, did we get a reply?”

“Yes master, a renowned psychologist says that there are two probabilities, one- Miss Shi is indeed telling the truth about not having a child and two- something happened that forced her to make herself believe that she did not have a child.”

Gong Ouyang lowered his eyes and tapped the sofa’s arms deep in thought.

“Fine. Call Ge jian and tell him that after he’s done with his current job, he can start on the Shi family,” he ordered, “and that sister, next time, I don’t want to hear that she’s still in the entertainment circle.”

Hearing such orders, Feng De held some misgivings, but in the end he nodded, “I understand master.”

Gong Ouyang was moving a family for Miss Shi, Feng De was not sure if this was good or bad.

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