Chapter 65: A parent child relationship

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Xiaonian chose a small coffee shop nearby and messaged the address to her mother.

She ordered a coffee and waited looking out the window and almost sprayed out her drink when she saw Gong Ouyang’s car parked by the curb. 

So, he did follow her after all. But it was fortunate that he was not here in the store.

In a few minutes, Lu Rin came and sat across her and ordered a cappuccino looking slightly harassed.

“What is it?” Xiaonian asked worriedly.

“Xiaonian,” Lu Rin started looking slightly suffocated, “your dad and sister are not doing so well these days. I had to accompany Ah due to shopping and events to make her feel better, that was why I couldn’t contact you sooner.”

Xiaonian looked at her for more details.

“Shi Yue and Mu Qian Chu are fighting a lot these days,” Lu Rin said with obvious pain.


Shi Yue and Mu Qian Chu are fighting? It was hard to imagine that Mu Qian Chu who treasured Shi Yue so much would do that.

“I’m sure it’s tempoarary. They love each other a lot,” she tried to console the lede woman.

Lu Rin looked at Xiaonian peculiarly before she said, “the maids said that the reason they are mainly fighting is because of you.”


Xiaonian furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

How can they fight because of her?

After the wedding, she never tried to contact them again and only met with Mu Qian Chu once and that too only for details on Tang Yi. How can it be about her?

“Mom, I think there must be a mistake,” she said, “They love each other so much, how can they fight about me? It’s impossible.”

Lu Rin felt uncomfortable, “no, the maids and servants have heard your name a lot of times in their house.”


Xiaonian’s body went stiff at that information. Is this the reason why she visited her today?

“Your sister is frequently calling home crying and even I cant talk anything to persuade them.”

At that time, the waiter came with Lu Rn’s order.

Xiaonian sat there silently, trying and failing to understand how she became some over whom they quarreled.

She had been there for years and it had never made any difference, why now?

However, Mu Qian Chu was behaving rather strangely the last time she saw him. But, he was courteous at the most and that too might be because she stayed away from their lives.

“When your father heard this, he was so angry that he didn’t sleep straight for days together. He is now constantly in a bad mood and both his business partners and the family are unhappy with the way he’s dealing with things..”

Here, Lu Rin wanted to say something more but she hesitated.

When Xiaonain looked at her, she looked undecided and quickly blurted out the words, “tat, Xiaonian, today your father asked me to let you sign this document.”

She placed a official looking document before her.

Xiaonian was still holding her hot cup of coffee when she glanced at the title of the document and her hand involuntarily shook spilling hot coffee all over her hand.

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