He stood up with me and walked out of the room. Mirha was standing outside waiting for us. "We will tell mom and dad truth next time," Zain announced looking at me. Mirha nodded her head and smiled looking at me.

Mirha took me with her in another room. I sat in the bed and looked at her who disappeared in the big closet. Few minutes later, she came out of the closet with a red colour dress.

She gave me dress and ordered, "Go and change in it. And yeah no excuse." I sealed my lips together and nodding my head. I went to the washroom and changed in that dress. When I entered in the room, Mirha whistled.

"Bhabhi, you are going to give my bro a big heart attack

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"Bhabhi, you are going to give my bro a big heart attack. He will take you away from me and lock you in a room with him and then he will kiss you," She said with a wink and smirked. "Mirha!" I blushed looking at her. Seriously this girl was full of naughtiness.

She giggled at my face and said, "Let's go, bhabhi. Your husband is waiting for us." We both exited from the room and went in the living hall. He was talking with someone on the phone with a big smile or a huge grin.

He cut the call and turned to us, only to looked at me with wide eyes. He looked at me from head to toe and said, "Beautiful." I blushed looked at him. Mirha cleared her throat and said, "Bro, she is all yours. Stare at her all night when I will not around but please stop looking at her like you will kiss her senselessly without wasting time."

"Mirha!!" I and Zain both yelled her name with wide eyes and red cheeks. "What?" She asked innocently. "Stop watching romantic movies, Mirha," Zain said glaring her sister. She gasped and said with dreamy eyes, "Hey! Don't blame those movies," Zain face palmed and said, "Come. Probably mom is waiting for us."


I sat beside Zain and Mirha was sitting in the back. She forcefully made me sit beside Zain. She was again throwing her romantic comments at us and Zain was groaning. Mirha turned on her playlist loudly and sang with the songs.

"Don't mind her. She is always like that funny and bubbly," Zain said looking at me for a second then back at the road. "I don't mind her," I said with a smile. I stared at Zain and admired him as he was driving.

"Stop staring me like that," He said with a smirk but his eyes were still fixed on road. "Like what?" I asked looking away with a smile. He looked at me and said, "Like what Mirha said at house. There she told me but here I am telling you." He looked back at the road but I was sure he didn't miss the red colour on my face.

He stopped the car at big doors horned. The gates opened and he started the car again. I looked at the big house more like mansion which was bigger than Zain's mansion. He stopped the car and we all climbed out of the car.

Mirha stood on my left side and Zain stood on my right side. Zain slowly slipped his hand in my hand and laced them together. I smiled at his little cute gesture.

We all walked to the door and Mirha whispered slowly, "When you both enter in the house take right step first." "OK, mom," Zain joked. Mirha glared at him and I chuckled. They both had a lovely bond between them. I wished I had a same bond.

Zain looked at my face and raised his eyebrow as asking whats wrong. I shook my head but he didn't believe. He was going to open his mouth but the door opened. We all looked at the beautiful lady who I could tell was their mother.

Zain slowly slipped his hand away from my hand but held my little finger with his little finger. She greeted us with a smile and hugged both. She turned to me and surprised me by pulling me in a hug. "Masha Allah! You are very beautiful." I smiled and blushed ever so slightly at her words.

She welcomed us in the house and took us in the big living hall. I and Morgan sat together on one couch and Zain sat across us. "Look like mom likes you," Mirha whispered. I smiled looking down at my hands. Aunty disappeared from the living hall and few minutes later, an old man entered. He had same features like Zain.

Zain and Mirha stood up and greeted him. I followed them and greeted uncle. He put his hand on my head and gave me his blessings. Aunty called us on the dinning table.

We all were eating and I was enjoying Zain's family. I wished my family was like his. "Where are you from?" Zain's father asked me. I tensed at his question and looked at Zain who was sitting across me. "Dad, she is from Multan. She sifted here recently and I forget to tell you about her," Mirha said. Uncle nodded his head and was again asked a question but Zain started chatting with him.

Mirha held my hand and squeezed it. "Thank you," I whispered quietly. "No need for thank you," She whispered with a smile. Aunty made me eating everything forcefully. The dinner was so much tasty that I was unable to say no to her. Her food reminded me amma. I prayed that abba hadn't done anything to her in my absence.

"What happened? Why you stop eating?" Aunty asked. I looked at her with a smile and said, "Just missing my mother." She came and sat beside me. "You can come here anytime when you miss your mother. The door of this house will always open for you," She said moving my hairs from my face. I hugged her and mumbled, "Thank you so much for your love."

We all moved back to the living hall and sat there. I, Mirha and Aunty started our conversation on random things; and Zain and Uncle started their business conversation. Few minutes later, Zain cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention.

We all looked at him and aunty asked, “What is it?” Zain looked at me for a second then at Mirha and back at uncle and aunty. I looked at Mirha scaredly. “Mom and Dad, I and Sania are--,”


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