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•||Ch9: I and Sania are..?||•

||Sania POV||

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||Sania POV||


He looked at me for a second then back at Mirha. "What happened, bro?" Mirha asked. "Mom called me for the dinner with them," Zain said looking between us, "And I told them about Sania." I and Mirha looked at him in shocked. "WHAT??" I and Mirha yelled together.


I looked at him in shocked. He really told his mother about me. I was freaking out and rolled my dupatta on my fingers in nervousness. I could hear my heart beating in my chest. It was like my heart just ran in the marathon.

"Bro, you really told mom about her?" Mirha asked him slowly like a mother asked her kid if he did something wrong. Zain nodded her head looking at her. "And what she said?" Mirha again asked him. "She said bring her with us," Zain said shrugging his shoulders like it was a normal thing.

"Mom didn't freak out?" Mirha asked in shock while I was getting scared whose reason I didn't know why I was scared. Maybe it was because I was going to meet his parents and my in-laws. "Why she freak out?" Zain asked in confusion.

"What happened to you, bro? Where is your smart brain right now? Don't tell me you completely convert your smart brain into romantic brain," Mirha said which made me looked at her with red cheeks. I slowly looked at Zain and saw him looking in Mirha eyes.

"Oh! I haven't told mom about her that she is my wife instead I told her that she is your friend, Mirha, who is with us right now," I released the breath which I hold when he told us. Mirha also sighed in relief then asked, "Aren't you going to tell mom and dad truth?"

"Please. Not now," I whispered looking at them. They both looked at me and asked in union, "Why?" "Not now. I am just scared of their reaction," I said fidgeting my dupatta. Zain face softened and he looked at Mirha as he was saying her something.

Mirha went out of the room and closed the door behind her. I looked at Zain as he came near me slowly. He made me sit on the bed and kneeled down in front of me. I was rubbing my thumbs together but he stopped me by grabbing my hands.

"They will not say anything to you. There is nothing to be scared of," He said softly and creased my hands, "They will love you. Remember that I am and will always there with and for you. Maybe they will get upset with us but once I explain they will understand."

My heart and brain was taking his side because they started trusting him. I looked down at our hands and said slowly, "Please not this time. I promise next time I will not stop you telling them truth but not this time." He sighed and said kissing my forehead, "OK."

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