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_____________________________________________________________________________            It's been a couple months since, Riku, Sora, Mickey, Donald and Goofy and I, defeated  a few of the Organization XIII members, and fixed all of my wrong doings. But the Organization is still out there. They have made themselves scarce since then. I know we will have our fight with the Organization to get rid of them completely but until then I have decided to go off on my own to follow my heart. To curve my own path beyond my darkness and my past. 

             I am more than what I have become. I have to find the answers to so many questions. Like my father, and why I had forgotten how he died. And if my mother I had anything to do with that fragment of my memory. I also had to find Celty and Cal. To find out if they were still around or not and If so, where were they? If not, what could have possibly happened, other than the obvious. And whatever more needs to be discovered. 

 Riku wanted to come with me, to help me, but I told him that this was a journey that I needed to take, alone. 

            "Are you sure, you don't me to come? I can help" RIku said holding my hands. 

            "I know you could. But I have to do this alone." 

            "Come on Riku, some things you just gotta do yourself, ya know?" Mickey said. 

            "I know....but the thought of you all alone out there..." Riku said. 

            I scoffed and chuckled. "Come on now...I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself."           

            But I  promised him no matter how far apart we were, I would always fine my way back to him. And who knew? Maybe we would run into each other. 

            "If you need anything just let us know ok?" Mickey said smiling. 

            "Of course, Mickey," I smiled. 

            "And good luck! I hope you find your friends!" Sora said. He was such a kid. 

            Of course since the tragic ending of Matt and Jake losing their hearts, some time ago, made me realize that if that happened to me, I wanted to at least know who I was and do more. That way if I did vanish, I wouldn't have any unfinished business. I want to make my mark in the world. And to be  remembered for my good deeds instead of as a dark legend. 

            I waved goodbye to them, and gave Riku a goodbye kiss. Then I climbed aboard my gummi ship and I was off. I wasn't sure where I'd go first, but from this point on I'd be going nowhere but up. 

            The darkness would be growing every day, along with my own darkness and light, fighting against the other. I needed to prepare for what's to come, I at least needed to know more about myself and who I was, but as long as I had my friends and my keyblades I knew that we had a fighting chance. We could still restore all of the worlds taken by the heartless. They too are scarce, but they've appeared here and there. 

            But I needed to know everything that had holes, and I wouldn't stop until all the pieces come together. I wouldn't stop fighting until I couldn't. I wouldn't stop believing until I couldn't. Just like these people and all of these mirrored hearts.


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