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Michael stood before you as the tears streamed down your face. He had tears in his own eyes as he studied you. Your mascara was running, and bits of your foundation had become smudged as well - but you didn't care.

"I'm so sorry," you whispered as Michael clenched his jaw.

"I can't believe you did this, (Y/N)!" he growled. "To me, to us!"

Michael was your fiancè - and for quite a while, things had been perfect. Perfect until the time you had attended a party, gotten too drunk - and slept with one of his brothers. It had never meant to happen - it was never supposed to happen.

You hated yourself for it too. Michael, for the first time, had let you attend the party on your own because he had been busy. If only he knew that that alone would have let Jermaine take advantage of you while you were drunk.

"Is this an ongoing affair?! How long?!" he growled again.

"It isn't!" you sobbed. "Michael, please just-" you stepped forward to plead with him, but he moved back. From what you could see - he was disgusted with you.



"Please don't let this ruin us," you whispered.

"Us?!" he shook his head. "After what you've done, there may as well not be an us!"

"I'm sorry!" you exclaimed, taking a step forward again. Michael kept hid red eyes on you, suddenly grabbing you by your shoulders.

You gasped as he looked into your eyes intensely.

"How could you do it?" he whispered. "I loved you so much, wasn't I enough for you?! Did you have to go around and be a whore-"

You cut Michael off, slapping him hard across his face. His eyes widened, and he brought his hand up to touch where you had slapped him.

Yes, you had made a mistake - but that didn't mean that Michael could go around calling you names for something that you were dreadfully sorry for.

As Michael gained his equilibrium back, you stared at him with sad eyes.

"I said I was sorry, Michael," you whispered. "And I know that sorry will never be enough, but what more can I do?!" you raised your voice. "Do you want me to leave?!" you took off the diamond ring that had adorned the fourth finger of your left hand, and threw it at him. "Then, I'll go,"

And with that, you grabbed your purse and walked out of the house - having no idea what you had just done.

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