♡The Boyfriend Tag♡

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Note: In this imagine, Michael isn't famous.


"Is it straight?" Michael asked as he set the camera up. You nodded before he smiled and walked over to join you.

If not obvious, the two of you were extremely successful Youtubers - a couple that had gained a massive following. The two of you had been married for three years, and everything was simply amazing.

At present moment, the two of you were preparing to film the 'Boyfriend Tag' - except, the two of you were married.

"Hi guys!" you waved at the camera as Michael grinned. "So today, we'll be doing the....Boyfriend Tag," you turned your head to look at Michael.

Michael wiggled his eyebrows and laughed.

"Except, we're married," he held up his left hand to show off his wedding band.

"So, I'll ask Michael a series of questions - and he has to answer them," you continued before turning to look at Michael. "And you better get these all right or you're sleeping on the sofa tonight," you teased.

Michael rolled his eyes as you held up your phone - looking at the questions. After a moment, you looked up at Michael.

"Where did we first meet?"

Michael bit his lip thoughtfully before answering.

"In college, we were roommates for a while - and that's how we got to know each other,"

"Yep," you nodded.

"I'm the best boyfriend ever," Michael spoke in a high pitched voice, making you hit his arm playfully.

"Next question," you looked at him. "Where was our first date?"

"At the amusement park," he answered, making you smile.

"You're doing so well," you grinned at him as the two of you shared a chaste kiss before continuing. "What's my favorite scent?"

Michael furrowed his eyebrows before answering.

"I think you like Marc Jacobs...." he trailed off. "And-"

"Kenzo," you looked at the camera. "I adore Kenzo,"

"I'm sorry, am I answering the questions, or are you?" Michael suddenly teased. "I'm just so confused. Do you want to be your own boyfriend?"

"Ha ha ha," you rolled your eyes. "Shut up. Now, next question. What was your first impression of me?"

Michael grinned and suppressed a laugh.

"Chewbacca," he looked at you.

"Well, as you can see guys, this is a very abusive relationship," you looked at the camera. "And if you care about me, call-"

"Call an ambulance," Michael interjected, making the two of you burst into laughter.

"Right, I think we need to take a break," you giggled as Michael kissed you.

"I'm kidding. You're the most beautiful woman in the world," he kissed you again. "And I wouldn't give you up for anything in the world,"

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