♡Roommate Agreement|Part Three♡

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Once you had heard the front door shut, you knew that Michael had left the house. It took you a solid minute to realize what had just happened. You loved Michael, and he loved you back - what more could be said?

The perfect dream had come true, and it may have just slipped through your fingers. Suddenly, it began to pour outside. The skies had grown dark, and sheets of rain fell to the ground violently.

Without even grabbing your coat, you dashed downstairs, and out of the house - being sure to shut the door behind you. Several meters away, you could see Michael walking in the rain - his hands shoved into the pockets of his coat as he kept his head down.

You inhaled sharply and ran out into the rain, catching up to Michael.

"Wait!" you called, pulling his arm. He turned around and his eyes widened when he saw that you were drenched as well.

"(Y/N)!" he took off his coat and attempted to put it around you. You, however, brushed his hands away - letting the coat fall to the ground. He looked confused for a moment before you wrapped your arms around his neck - kissing him.

It didn't take long for him to respond, his hands moving to your waist. The kiss deepened and he lifted you up slightly - making you giggle a little.

"I love you," you looked into his eyes. "I'm so sorry I didn't say it earlier,"

He kept his eyes locked with yours - a small smile finding its way to his lips. You said nothing, smiling as well as you kissed him again.

Eventually, the kiss became heated - and in no time, the two of you needed to go back to the flat.


After the obvious had unfolded, the two of you lay in Michael's bed - the white sheet concealing both of your naked bodies. Michael traced his fingers along your bare arm as you laid on his chest.

"I love you so much," he whispered, making you smile. As you blinked, he could feel your eyelashes tickling him slightly every time you did so.

"I love you so much more," you whispered back, propping yourself up - and turning, so that you could look into those beautiful eyes of his.

The two of you shared another kiss before he whispered against your lips.

"I'll always love you most,"

Did it suck? Yes.
Am I sorry? Nope.
Lemme know your thoughts, and thank you so much for reading!
Lots of love! xxx

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