Chapter Nine (By the Sword, Dragonborn)

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The bright blinding light of morning brought an unrelenting schedule of injections. With the right combination of meds I could block myself from jumping, here or there across time.

I wasn't ready to admit how much an honorable King could break me. The many versions of himself that both scared and endeared themselves to me. But it was pure torture to see all that you dream disappear.

I'd fallen into the robotic inane repetition of endless pain. But it was truly my heart that hurt the most. The ache of pain became the ache of loss. It was a symbol of everything that I had lost. Would I find my Dragon again or was he lost in the streams of time?

It was in an unexpected moment of weakness as I pushed myself to heal. The waves of pain pulled me under once more.

In the corner of my eye I caught movement. Fighting my body to obey my commands I flinched. Turning to my right as I felt the slice of a blade against my hand.

Shaking off my vertigo from the jump. The trickle of blood running down my hand. I scrambled backwards trying to make sense of the situation I found myself in.

Everywhere I looked bodies lay in heaps where they'd fallen. I was unarmed. Dodging sideways I grabbed a sword running red with blood down the hilt from its previous owner.

Bargaining with my injured body to cooperate. I was in the middle of the battlefield. Surrounded by hacking and slashing maniacs. With very little idea, where I was or why.

Relentless in his pursuit my enemy was a warrior, covered in black scaled armor. That glistened wet with blood.

Quickly glancing down I was clad in silver. Barely able to see through the mask on my face. If there's one thing I emphatically hate it's hats! Trying to catch my breath in the shit stale air of death around me. I felt my back burn with the fire of my pushing to survive the onslaught.

Sword to sword we clashed. The reverberation of metal on metal, sending shockwaves of pain through my arms. I backed up the extra weight of armor I wasn't used to, tripping me up. The bodies splayed in death, some macabre obstacle course.

I tore at my face and helm tossing them to the side. As the wind caught my hair whipping it around me. It was as if time froze in our swords hitting. As my enemy registered the deep red of my hair identifying me as female.

The few seconds bought me a backwards grab of the smaller short sword. Pulling it from the intestines of the body behind me.

I feinted twice and slipped the smaller sword under the raised arm. Slicing arm and piercing his side. Blood spurted as the artery shot I took quickly did its job. Weakening him in seconds and dropping him to his knees. Like a locomotive hit a concrete wall.

He had less than a minute to bleed out. His gasp was audible. Tearing off his faceplate to get a closer look at his arm. I held my sword close to take his head if he made the wrong move. As the wind caught his black hair blinding him with it across his face. A tired hand pushed it back.

It was at that second blue eyes stared at me and recognition hit. His eyes already glazing over. I swore vehemently.

"Fuck, it just had to be you, you horse's ass!"

I quickly dropped my sword and tore at his armor. It was like trying to lift a car.

"Help me you idiot! You don't have much time before you bleed out!"
I practically yelled at him.

"Can you make up your mind Highness? Either you're trying to kill me or not!"

"Move faster!"
I pulled at his clothes.

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