Chapter 26

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He stared at me shocked.
"I... I know that... all this is so new and weird for you. I am his dad so I am used to it but you have no obligation to carry on with this and that too when you have a boyfriend. Acting like a family with someone else might be difficult for you and I understand that. I am... really sorry. I know... it's not your fault but..." He was saying with a guilty and sad expression.
I looked at him confused. What is he saying?!
"Stop!" I said putting my hand in front of me.
He gave me a confused look.
"You are mistaken. The reason I said that wasn't this. I don't have any problem with acting as your family. It's just that..." I said sighing.
"Just what?" He asked me.
"I don't want to take your wife's place. I don't want to act in her place in this fake family." I said looking down.
"Who said that? Who said that you are taking her place?" He asked confused.
He thought for a second and remembered something.
"Is it because of what I said in the dining room this morning?" He asked me.
I looked down again.
"I said that it was our every morning but that only included me and Zack. I was the one who was trying to act my normal self. You were the one who made it easy for me to carry on with the day. You were acting like yourself, like Julia, not my wife and that's what helped me to not remember her." He said. I looked at him.
"Julia, you are the one who made this day different than the usual. You don't have any reason to feel guilty." He said and smiled.
I nodded my head.
"So? No problem with this fake family act?" He asked me.
"No problem. Let's get on with our act tomorrow morning." I said.
"If you are hesitating because of your boyfriend, Charles then I understand. Having a boyfriend yet acting like a family with someone else would make anyone have a guilty feeling." He said.
"No, it's not like that. He is really understanding so." I said.
I think I should tell him about Charles but I can't just go and say that he misunderstood about him being my boyfriend. Will it seem like I lied to him? Or will telling now seem like I am trying to prove I am single and available? Won't saying it now make it seem like... I should just stay quiet. I don't want him to misunderstand anything else now.
"You two have known each other for really long, right?" He asked me.
"Yeah! How did you know? Did I tell you about this?" I said trying to remember if I ever talked to Jayden about Charles. Maybe I did.
"I saw photos in your room. You have one on each table beside your bed." He said.
"Oh! It was his order to keep it there. He says that if his photo is beside me then I can look at it and know that he is with me during my sad and happy times. We have so many photos together, ever since kindergarten. He is the only person who knows me inside out." I said smiling.
"Let's talk about him some other time. It's quite late and we should go to bed." He said.
"Yeah! Sorry. Good night!" I said.
"Good night. Don't forget to call him." He said and turned around.
"What?" I asked confused.
He turned to face me again.
"You couldn't talk to him this afternoon because of us, right? You should call him. He is your boyfriend and he is making so many sacrifices like living away from you, not being able to talk to you, not being able to meet you when he wants to, not taking you out on dates. I don't think there is anyone else who would stay in a relationship after having so many restrictions." He said.
"Yeah. I will call him." I said.
"Good night!" He said and turned around. He hurried to his room before I could reply him with a good night.
He is right! Even though Charles is not my boyfriend but a best friend, he is doing a lot for me. Before we would spend so much time together and now I barely get time to talk to him. I should call him, he had something important to tell me but he won't say that unless I beg him.
I hurried to my room and closed the door behind me.
I took out my phone and called him.
Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring...
He is not picking up!
He must be busy. I will call him again tomorrow afternoon after Zack goes to sleep.
I lay on my bed and thought about the whole day, about Jayden's cuteness and Zack's bright face. These two who were no one before has now become part of my life, a part I care about. I want to see them happy just like today. I may be a no one to them but they have become a lot more than just work for me. I will try my best to make them happy.

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