The Other Woman Who Loved Sesshoumaru (Part 1)

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"The first time I saw you, Sesshoumaru-sama, was at Asano Castle during those turbulent times..." Sara began to explain as she started her flashback.


The bodies of soldiers of Asano Castle littered the battlefield outside of the castle.

"Oyakata-sama, it seems the enemy is planning to end things tonight," a soldier said  as he knelt down before the lord of Asano Castle and delivered the news.

"Hmm... It has been one month since they laid siege on our castle," the lord said, standing up. "Provisions have run out and morale is low among the troops. There is no choice but to accept death and make this our grave. Everyone, listen well! We will set fire to the castle and open the gates!" The soldiers all bowed out of respect for their lord.

"That is so regrettable! Can we not preserve our dignity at least!" one soldier asked.

"No! Do not attempt to fight them. Do whatever you must to survive," the lord ordered.

An enemy soldier cried out in pain as he was lashed by a glowing energy whip. A figure, clothed in white, stepped forward and felled another enemy soldier as they tried to block his path.

"Oyakata-sama! Oyakata-sama!" a soldier yelled as he ran through the castle.

"What is it? What's happening!" the lord asked.

"Something seems to have attacked the enemy camp!" the soldier said, bowing.

"What!" the lord said in amazement, stunned.

"J-Just what are you!" an enemy soldier stammered as he cowered away from their attacker. Sesshoumaru threw aside the soldier he had just killed.

"Move!" Sesshoumaru ordered. Though he looked calm, the soldier could feel murderous intent radiating off of the daiyoukai.

"Stop kidding around!" the soldier yelled as he charged at Sesshoumaru. If he ran away on his own, he might have to commit seppuku if anyone found out. Sesshoumaru lashed the man with his energy whip, killing him and breaking his sword in the process. Now that the ones obstructing his path had been taken care of, Sesshoumaru continued on his way.

"Is this a miracle! Could it be help sent from heaven!" the lord asked as he watched from one of the second-story windows.

"Chichi-ue!" Sara said.

"Oh, Sara! Look at that fellow! He single-handedly broke through enemy lines, and he's slaughtering them all!" the lord said as they watched Sesshoumaru take out more soldiers with his energy whip. Sara was in awe. He fought with such strength and grace. Sesshoumaru glanced up at the castle, and Sara gasped. She felt as though their eyes had met for a moment.

End Flashback—

"... Sesshoumaru-sama..." Sara said, as she finished her story.

"..." Katsumi stared at them. She didn't know what to say to that. 'That doesn't sound like something he would do at all... going out of his way to save strangers... without even being asked to... Does she have the right daiyoukai...?' Katsumi thought skeptically.

"I don't know you," Sesshoumaru said bluntly and walked past her, not even sparring her a second glance. Katsumi winced slightly. She felt a little sorry for Sara, despite her jealousy. Katsumi knew how it felt to be rejected like that, and she couldn't blame the woman for falling for Sesshoumaru... that lady-killer...

"Please, wait," Sara pleaded as she stood. "I want to help you make your wish come true, Sesshoumaru-sama." Sesshoumaru stopped. Katsumi raised her eyebrows in surprise.

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