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The radiator hisses over top of us and sirens were heard along with helicopters. I bit my lower lip as Stiles arm being put in a strap.

"What in the hell were you three thinking?" I hear Mr. Stilinski ask, and in sync, we turn around and saw Mr. Stilinski standing there, with his crossed arms, not looking impressed. I gave him a small smile, cringing slightly.

"We were just trying to help," Scott defended with a chuckle at the end; the help didn't go very well.

"Why don't you just try to help me understand... what the hell happened here?" Mr. Stilinski hissed, stepping forward to us.

"Right, well, we were trying to gently persuade him to pull over..." Stiles tried to explain. Yeah, if you call Scott jumping on top of the van that the guy stole stuff and being all wolfed and everything, then that's definitely gentle persuading.

"Yeah..." Scott trailed of.

"He was getting away?" I cringe and faked a smile.

"He got away," Mr. Stilinski nodded.

"Right. Because obviously, he's some sort of criminal mastermind, dad," Stiles tells his theory. Mr. Stilinski walked around us and we followed.

"Uh-uh. You want to guess what the stole merchandise is?" Mr. Stilinski asks. He walked to the back of the van, and we followed. "Hmm?" He opened the door, and there were gasses of some type.

"Cricial life-saving medical equipment?" Stiles stabbed.


"Poison gas?" Stiles tried again.

"Nope," Mr. Stilinski shakes his head.

"Filled with drugs?" Stiles guessed.

Mr. Stilinski leans forward. "Helium." What?

"Helium?" I repeat. We saved helium?

"This could be a good thing," Scott told us as he drives away from the crime scene. For once, Scott's driving, well, because Stiles' hand was hurt.

"That we saved helium?" Stiles asked and I scoffed.

Scott chuckled. "I mean, that... they don't need us anymore."

"Okay, well, they need us. They just don't know it." Stiles said and I sighed.

"I think we should retire." I nod. "Hey, Stiles," I lean forward and he looks back. "We could go to Hawaii." Stiles rolled his eyes. "Come on, we could go on a romantic holiday, we've already been to Mexico."

"There was nothing romantic about Mexico," I chuckled. That was true.

"We're all going off to college soon." Scott pointed out. "So Beacon Hills is gonna have to survive without us."

"Our time has come," I announced dramatically, placing a hand on my forehead, as if I was about to faint or something, leaning back in my seat. Scott laughs at me.

"Beacon Hills will burn to the ground without us." Stiles heaving a sigh.

"Stiles..." I placed a hand on his shoulder and rubbed it. "They don't need us." I put my head on his shoulder and he kissed my head.

I pull back when Stiles' phone vibrated. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and held up his phone. "They need us!"

We enter the police station. So, apparently, there's this kid who's lost his parents and he can't remember anything. I spot Mr. Stilinski in his office, bent down, with a kid who sat on the chair, looking scared.

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