The Pit

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* Two Hours Later *

"Stop!" Eric shouted over the firing guns.

The sweaty, tired initiates paused their shooting on call, turning back around to look at their Leaders.

"Time to run." Four told them.

They put their weapons down onto the cart, going back inside to the cool air. I followed behind them all, heading for the Pit while Four ran with them and Eric did what Eric did.

* 20 Minutes Later *

As I was sharping the tools, the door opened. I didn't bother to look up, knowing it was the Blond. We both ignored each other's existence, not wanting to say anything. The door opened to a sweaty Four and panting initiates. They looked around the room. I put down the knives, crossing my arms over my chest.

Four got beside me on the Mat while Eric got in front of me with his arms crossed, also.

"As you may already know, this is the mat that blood will be spread upon." Eric smirked towards the crowd.

"We are going to start you off with practicing moves, nothing too gory, yet." Four assured them, "(Y/N) and Eric will first show you the basics."

Four backed away from me while I just turned to the side to face my opponent. Eric got in front of me, sliding his forearms on top of each other, tilting his face to look at my eyes, better. I just stood there, awaiting the first move.

"Watch as both of them scan their faces, awaiting their moves. Look at Eric's stance; We call that The Snake. Eric is doing the classical protection move of the face. He is going to be the first to move." Four narrated.

Eric spun around, moving to land a punch, but in slow motion.

"She easily grabs his wrist."

I did exactly that.

"Kicks his chest back, then makes sure the tip of her boot touches at least some of his throat."

I slowly and gently kicked him, he acted like he stumbled back. God, I would love to actually kick him in his throat. He grabbed his throat like I actually did.

"(Y/N) takes this opportunity to get around him, jumping on his back, and choking him to sleep or to death."

I didn't move from where I was, not wanting to touch him unless I had to.

"That would have happened, but this is just a model of what will happen. We don't fight to kill, but if this ever happened, we'd fight to kill. Now," He clapped his hands together, "Lets split up."

* 30 Minutes Later *

* 6 P.M. *

"You ready for some real fighting?" I heard Eric ask Four, who was sitting on the cart with weapons.

"Not even close."

I walked over to the Mat, standing beside Eric, but he acted as if I wasn't there. Expected.

"First Jumper to the ring, Last Jumper, time to fight." Eric called out over the skin clashing bags.

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