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Sooooo there's way more to the story about my ex bf. The girl I was annoyed by that basically stole him and switched his attitude, he said that I was just jealous of her and I wanted something like they had. Like wtf? That doesn't even make sense. I shouldn't be crying over some stupid boy who decided to mess with my feelings cause he's garbage. Every garbage can is jealous of him. *wheezes* no but like my summer has been horrible! I only have 1 friend and all the other ones took my ex's side and they all believe that asshole. Tbh, he's kinda ugly and annoying asf sorry not sorry. And his name is Kevin, how bAsiC.

Since he was insulting me, I threw insults back at him and all he said was "ThAnkS fOr tHe coMpliMentS" like are you really that childish??

He's miSsIng oUt oN tHis

tHats mY uglY faCe that he's missing out on

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tHats mY uglY faCe that he's missing out on.

Anyways, I'm currently having a mental breakdown cause everyone now hates me so yeah :)

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