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In the house of the Al-furkan house sat a dark skin coloured girl sitting by the window with her hair put in a messy pony tail, she stared at the damped outside through the window which droplets raced down in her hand there was a book and in it she expressed herself.

Dear dairy,
        Well it's me zeera;well u know about all the fuss mum's putting me through saying"your 22 zeera when will u get married"honestly I wonder if she thinks is that simply especially as me who I am yes yes I'm black which makes it look like u have Ebola over here sometimes I find it hard to think about marriage but I believe that one day just like a Cinderella story someone will love me and won't care what colour my skin is but until it comes.........

"Zeera habibiti"mami called from downstairs
"Na'am mami"
"Ta'ala habibti
I walked down the stairs to find my mother in the living room looking at a magazine.
"Habibiti your father will be back home soon please get some food ready"she said
"How about some falafel and fattoush"i asked
"That would be great habibti jazakullah habibti"she said with a smile I walked over  to the kitchen to get started on the dishes and decided to brew some hibiscus tea.when I just was pouring into the food warmer when the bell rang and the door opened and I heard a kind familiar voice.

"Asalamu alaikum" I walked out of the kitchen with the food warmer and the dish to the table I had already arranged.
"Walaikum salam abba,How was today" I said
"Wonderful" he said smiling

But there was something about that smile something was up. I went back to the kitchen to the hibiscus flask as I walked towards the table I saw ma'mi already standing up to serve abba I placed the flask and sat down after offering to serve every one else,we are our food through silence and that's when I knew something was up but I decided to keep shot,after abba finished eating he put down his cutlery and looked up at us.

"I have an announcement,As you all know I have been looking for a job for a long time and I have found one thanks to the most high"I looked at him not knowing what to say and finally spoke.
"Mabruk abba,but what is the post I mean which job"
"I thought you'd never ask well I've been given the post advisor to the king himself which means we will be relocating to one of the estates in the palace" he said still beaming,my jaw dropped palace,royalty,What but of course they would accept him I mean he is who he is but royalty.

There was no moment that night that abba wasn't all smiles but after the dinner I went to bed with the thought of the announcement.


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