Five Keys with One Heart

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        I had finally reached my home, Hallow Bastion, which not only seemed deserted but also run by Heartless. I could Ansem's castle in the distance and I wanted to hurry and get there. So I ran as fast as I could but I wanted to get there faster. I didn't have the time or patience to deal with these heartless. My keyblade must have responded to my request, it started to glow brightly and light appeared beneath my feet as I ran. And soon the light under my feet formed some sort of hover board, and flew me across the float at a much better speed. It flew me over the castle gates toward the side of the wall. I then flew up the side of it at a vertical angel and one I got high enough in the air, it vanished, giving me enough time to prepare and stick a good landing on the roof. 

            I walked over the roof , looking into room to see if I could find any trace of Sora, Riku, Mickey or anyone. Until I heard Mickey's voice, giving instructions.  Through the window I could see Sora, Riku, Mickey, and someone I didn't know. I quietly opened the window and slipped in and crouched on to one of the rafters above. And I thought I'd make an entrance. 

            "Got it!" Mickey finished. 

            I prepared my rubber bands like I had before in Castle Oblivion. Sora stood there, saluting. 

            "Sure your highness. I'll teach Jake-" And then I fired. "Ow!!" 

            His hand went to the back of his neck, rubbing it, feeling the sharp sting. Then I fired at the kid I didn't know and then Riku. I made sure that it would hit Riku extra hard, and he winced. Like a chain reaction the two had put their hands to the back of their necks, rubbing it. 

            Riku growled and turned his head all around, "Ayame! Where are you?!" 

            I couldn't help but giggle at his reaction and my amusement. And I decided to make myself known.  "You guys are such easy targets." 

            They all looked up at me and saw me in the rafters. I jumped down, and landed softly by Riku's side. Riku looked at me in aggravation, and smiled and stuck my tougue out at him. He growled, but had a small smile curving on his lips. Even though now we knew who the other was, we would always have a history. A connection. And then my eyes fell on the guy, who was obviously observing me. When my eyes made contact with his, he flinched. In my mind I was smiling, he could be fun to pick on. I kept my face serious. 

            "Who the hecks the new guy?" I asked 

            He cleared his throat before he answered, "My name's Jake," he extended his hand for me to shake it. "And you are?"           

            I just stared at his hand and didn't take it. He put his hand feeling awkward. Who was this kid? A handshake? He could be setting himself up for all he knew. I snorted and chuckled, "I'm Ayame. And as for a proper welcome..." 

            I lunged forward swinging my blade as I swung it but he stepped back in time to avoid it. He looked at my keyblade and seemed surprised. I crouched low and leveled my blade. 

            "Say hello to Two Across," I said. 

            He stood there confused. trying to figured out whether I was serious or not and what he should do. He seemed hesitant so he looked toward the others for guidance. Riku just watched, not intervening, like I assumed he would. He knew I was just toying with him 

            "Whatcha waiting for?" I pushed and stood to my feet. "I know your a keyblade wielder, so draw your keyblade." 

            Sora gave him the green light. "Go ahead, this'll be good practice for you." 

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