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Pen Your Pride

Today I had to go visit my granddad in New York, because he was having surgery for his lung cancer. They said he might not last, so Jawan and the girls are coming with me. We landed in New York and it was a cold, brittle night.

The girls were in their little coats with fur on the inside, so they could keep warm. We went to the hospital and I saw my granddad in bed, looking sick as can be. I cried looking at him and held his hand. “Hi granddaddy...” he looked over at me with a weak smile. “Hey’s my little grandbaby...” he said with a dry, raspy voice. “I’m okay...the twins are are you feeling?” I said rubbing his weak hands.

“I feel okay...just have a little cough.” I looked back at Jawan, who was holding the girls, and he kissed my forehead. “Stay strong granddaddy...I love you so much.” I kissed his cheek. “I love you too...” he kissed his cheek lightly and laid back down. “Grandpa, I want you to see the twins...” he smiled a little. “Where are my little great grandbabies...?” he looked at them and smiled.

“Hi...” he said holding their little hands. I smiled and a tear ran down my cheek, because I knew he probably wouldn’t last the night. “We’re gonna go granddaddy...” he smiled. “Okay babygirl, I love you...” he said, making me smile. “I love you too” I kissed his cheek and my tear dropped on it. He said bye to us, and we left.

We took a cab and drove to a hotel. We got a room with two beds, so the girls can sleep on one and we can sleep on the other. We took a shower, and put the girls in their pajamas. We got them little long sleeved shirts and pants to sleep in. We fed the girls, Jawan and I ordered room service, and we ate.

Jawan and I put the girls to bed, and we went to sleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning...

I woke up, still worried about my granddad, with Jawan in the girl’s bed, watching TV with them. I smiled and Jasmine looked over at me, noticing I was awake. “Mommy!” she ran out of Jawan’s arms and hugged me. “Good morning mommy” I kissed her cheek. “Good morning munchkin”

Jawan looked over at me smiling. “Good morning boo boo” he said puckering up his lips from across the room. I puckered mine and pretended to kiss. I giggled and smiled. “Good morning baby” I said. I got up, holding Jasmine and saw Jailee, who still looked a little sleepy, but still awake.

“Hey babygirl” I whispered rubbing Jailee’s cheek. She whispered. “Good morning mommy.” I kissed her cheek and smiled. “Wake up sunshine...” she yawned and she cuddled into Jawan’s arms. I looked at Jawan giving him a look like ‘awww’ and he mouthed to me. “I know” I smiled and Jasmine got hungry.

“Babygirl, you want apple juice?” Jasmine nodded and I saw Jailee nod too. “Okay, boo you want pancakes right?” I said looking at Jawan. “Yeah.” I smiled. “Okay, I’m gonna order room service. Jazzy you’re gonna have some of my pancakes okay boo?” She nodded smiling. “Jawan, Jailee’s gonna share with you okay?” He nodded too and I called room service.

Room service came, and when we were eating, my phone rang. “Hello?” “Babygirl, I’m sorry, but  your granddaddy is gone...” my mom said crying. I teared up, and covered my mouth. “NOOO! HE CAN’T BE GONE! NO!” I said crying harder. Jawan hugged me tight, knowing what happened. I cried and hung up.

“No, it can’t be baby it can’t be” I said in his chest. “Boo, it had to happen sometime, he’s in a better place...” he kissed my tears and Jailee pulled Jawan’s shirt. “Daddy, what’s wrong with mommy?” She said worried. “Mommy’s upset, come here.” Jawan pulled her towards us, and she hugged us tight. “I WANNA HUG MOMMY TOO!” Jasmine said running to us.

Jasmine kissed my cheek. I kept crying, and all of them comforted me. “Boo boo, it’s okay...” he kissed me, and I just let him caress my lips. I closed my eyes and he heard Jasmine and Jailee. “Ewwwwwwwww.” I giggled, and so did Jawan.

“Sorry babies.” I smiled and kissed their cheeks. “Are you better now mommy?” Jailee said. “Yes babygirl, I’m a little better.” I smiled a little. 

Jacob's POV

I was in my cell, on the cold, metal bed, and the guards told me I had a visitor. They unlocked the cell and hancuffed me. I walked out to the room with a glass seperating the people on the oposite side. I saw Britney standing there.

"What are you doing here?!?" I said into the phone. "I bailed out! I think I got a way to get them..." Britney said into the phone. "What?" I said excitedly. "They're in New York, so we could just trash their house!" she said excitedly. My smile fell. "That's okay...but we need something good, something that'll really hurt them." I sighed and thought.

"We could...wait till they get back, and get them good. Like hold all of the hostage..." I said smiling evily. "Yeah..." she said smiling back. "Alright it's a plan, come back when you know they'll be home. "I got you." she hung up, grabbed her purse and I saw a guard escort her to the door.


Sorry it's so suckish :/ I didn't reread it or anything, so sorry if there's any mistakes :/ But tell me what you thought! ;* <3

~Sammi xoxo

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