Chapter One

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"Stephanie, come on. Please, let's play." Karla demanded dragging the end of her sister's blanket.

"Karla, please, not now." Stephanie replied antagonizing her sister's action. They did this for a while, and after much plea, Stephanie yielded.

"Fine, but I'll seek and you hide. I'm so tired." She replied knowing fully the game Karla wanted to play. Karla was six while Stephanie was sixteen. The age difference between them, stimulated their differences in tastes as it was supposed to.
The Lockwoods' had just recently moved into Brockville Avenue after their father, Simon Lockwood, got a new job, and they decided to relocate. It wasn't the best of choices as rumors foretold before their inhabitance that the spirits of the dead from that neighborhood usually target their unsuspecting prey, and, of course, leading to the gross rate of emigration, but Simon Lockwood was not one to believe such fallacy to him. Ghosts and creatures from the supernatural world were mere make-believes, and they had already fully inhabited the neighborhood.

"I'm counting to ten." Stephanie announced.

"No.. No make that a hundred. I need to find the perfect spot." Karla replied surveying around.

"A hundred?" Stephanie inquired startled. She then agreed realizing debating with her sister on how long she was to count will just aggravate such matters she had learned to let her have her way because Karla hadn't yet learned to take no for an answer.

"One.. Two.. Three.." Stephanie called out, and when it had fully dawned on her that Karla was out of sight, she went back to bed.

Karla tip toed to prevent her duckling flip flops from indicating her direction. It quacked at every step she took. She had thought of hiding in her wardrobe but that idea seemed lame she had hidden there before.
Then she thought about the family's study, but she then suddenly had a better idea a place no-one would ever suspect, the house's attic. Off she went taking gradual steps until she reached the end and slowly reached for the door. Taking it by the handle, she gently turned it open and crept inside.

It was quite comfortable at first, and although it was dark, she had successfully hidden in a place no-one would ever suspect. She sat on a platform and didn't quite bother to check what exactly it was. So far, it elevated her a few inches above, but she had no problem. She waited a little longer, and it seemed Stephanie had given up, so she decided it was time she exited.

She tried reaching for the door knob, but it seemed far. When she entered, the door knob was but a few inches away, and she still recalled the creaky sound it made. She tried again moving forward, but she couldn't find the door. Instead, sudden darkness had descended in that room. Soon everywhere became pitch black.

"Mummy!!.. Stephanie!!!" She screamed, till her throat became sore but no help was forthcoming. She bit her lip and screamed further.

Unfortunately, her both parents were away for an outing, and she was stuck alone with Stephanie who was now dead asleep. Karla gathered some breaths and tried again... It was at this last call, that Stephanie woke up.

Oh dear we were playing a game. She remembered.

"Ninety-five, Ninety-six, Ninety-seven, Hundred.. Coming to get you." Stephanie called out.

Karla screamed again, and this time, it made Stephanie fidget. She ran like never before. Trying to find her directions by her screams, she ransacked the entire house until she found the door.

"Open... Why won't you open up?" Stephanie said clenching her hands into a fist and hitting the door.
Now the screams had seized, and Stephanie had ran down to get a bigger tool.. Any tool, to bring down the door.


When Karla was still in the attic, head bent, and welling up her hands with her own tears, a light shown from behind, and she turned to look the door to the wardrobe, slowly opened up. The cringing sound of a rusted door hinge startled her. She had stepped on something while moving closer to see what was inside. It felt like a nail piercing through her sole.

She had eventually gotten closer, but then, a particular force had drawn her inside the wardrobe, and the door banged shut.. There were a few old clothing hung in the wardrobe, and as she turned, the dust and dirt glued to her dress. Soon, she found herself in another room. An open space, she was sure she passed through a wardrobe, and now she was there.

Before long, strands of her hair began rising up and a force had thrown her about the room...

"Mummy!!!!" She screamed dragging her hair down, but the force was much stronger than her power. It had finally released her flinging her to a corner. A streak of blood gushed from her head. She was deep in tears.. She tried running out of the room, but the doors were locked shut. Just as she cried, she heard another voice from the background crying too, head bent and kneeling facing the wall.

She stopped crying, and turned around. It was a little girl.

"Who are you?" She asked..

Probably a victim of similar fate

"Who are you?" She asked again moving forward... Then, the little girl who had been crying lifted her face... It was a distorted view, a black hollow depression beneath her eyes, and she looked white...

"I'm Akeela."

"What are you doing here?" Karla asked seeming more relaxed..

"I live here." Akeela replied..

"Where is your family, and how old are you?" Karla asked.

"They are dead... I'm five." Akeela replied.

"You can live with us in our house, since you don't have parents. I will be your friend. I'm Karla Lockwood."

Akeela had, however, shown Karla a way out, and she stood right behind her.

Stephanie had soon broken down the door to the attic. To her surprise, Karla was still, with a Merry smile. Stephanie, still trying to get a grip of herself after running to and fro the stairs, calmed down and asked her why she was calm after all.

"I met a new friend, her name is Akeela, and she has nowhere to live so she'd be with us now. Look at her." Karla had indicated her direction with her hands, but Stephanie saw nothing...

"What are you talking about? Let's go downstairs and never come up here again understood?" Stephanie warned.

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