His Private Dancer

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"Oh my goodness Chy I'm so nervous." I said nervously fanning myself. "Girl why? HE invited you and asked you to come and dance for him in this routine." I know but what if he mistook me for one of the other girls in the studio?" I asked. "Child the dance teacher described YOU." my bestfriend Mia stated. "And sit cho ass down, you got me nervous as hell and I ain't even a dancer!" I took my seat and continued to talk to Mia. She could tell I was still nervous and soon they called out my audition number. "Get yourself together, they just called your number!" Mia happily exclaimed. I slowly arose from my seat and followed the lady into a room with 3 judges.

The judge on the left was a somewhat short brown skinned man with a sleeve of tattoos and a temp fade. The judge on the far right was a skinny dark skinned woman with the side of her head shaved and in the middle sat the sexiest man I've ever laid eyes on. Mr. August Alsina. God, I could've jumped over that table and had my way with him but I keot my composure and stayed professional.

The judge on the far left told all of us to line up and so we did. I guess they sought out to find who had the body that they were looking for. The judge on the far right called out four of the seven of us that were in the room and I wasn't one of the four. Just then I felt a deep sadness until the judge on the right said "Thank you four for showing up but we won't be needing you for this audition. Just then my spirits were lifted.

The four left the room and us remaining three stayed in. We were taught the choreagraphy and music began to play. "And 1, 2, up 3, 4, down 5, 6, roll 7, 8. And crawl, 2, 3, 4, POP 5, 6, 7, 8 and down..."  the choreographer began to count the steps and all I knew to do was to put my all into this. 

Once the dance was over, the judges talked as me and the other girls caught our breath. The judges looked at us and August spoke. I zoned out and all I could do was stare into those beautiful brown eyes and crave those plump lips. I was thrown out of my daze when August said "I want you to stay to talk in private." The other girls, judges and choreographer left the room.

August motioned for my to stand in the middle of the room and I did as I was informed. He got up and I couldn't help but notice the lust in his eyes. He grabbed a chair, put it behind me and sat in it. At this point I didn't know what to expect.

August gently held me by my hips and pulled me into his lap. "I was startin' to think you ain't wanna see me ma." he smoothly said rubbing my back. "You did come to see me, right." "I...I...I came f...t...t...to aud...dition f...for the part Mr. Alsina." August chuckled and said "Don't be nervous ma. Relax. And I know you came to audition, but I was hoping you'd come to see me." "W...Well I..." I was cut of by a sweet intense kiss from August. He brushed his tongue against my lip for entrance but I wouldn't let him. I tried to pull away because I wanted to keep this strictly professional, but I soon gave in. He rubbed between my legs and I gasped. He took the opportunity to give his tongue entrance. His hand that was between my legs slowly traveled up my torso to my right breast. He gently began massaging my nipple with his thumb. I moaned in pleasure. August continued to work circles on my nipple and began sucking on the base of my neck. The pleasure was unbearable at this point....

To be continued...

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