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Man, what the fuck

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Man, what the fuck.

What the fuck.

Tell me why I was here on the fifth floor, well past my fucking clock out time, waiting on Christian fucking Ivanov to show up for a meeting he had apparently schedule.

I felt my stomach churn with uncertainty. Not so much the uncertainty of what this meeting was about (although I was pretty concerned), but more so the uncertainty of whether I was about to throw up all over Christian fucking Ivanov's floor or not.

"You don't look to good." The man besides me commented. He was the same man that had brought me up here the first time. Still didn't know his name, but right now, I couldn't care less.

"I'm hungover." I all but grunted at the guy.

Something flashed across his eyes. The look of pity. It did nothing to soothe my thoughts about what was to come. Was I getting fired?

I mean, I'd barely made any progress with the laptop today... But he was at least going to give me a few days... Right?

"Alexander." Christian greeted me as he finally walked through the office doors and took a seat at his desk.

He was in a freshly ironed dress shirt this evening. He was a little more casually dressed than when I had first seen him. His hair, however, looked as if it had fallen victim to his hands. It was tossed around messily... If you could even call it that. Somehow, he managed to still look insanely handsome and well put together.

I, on the other end, was a goddamn mess.

I gave him a nod. "You're probably wondering why I called you up here." He continued.

"Sure." I sighed. He eyebrows raised slightly at my response. I was doing my best to act corjial but annoyance and sleep deprivation were starting to seep through the cracks of my resolve.

"Well, it's been brought to my attention that I should probably call you in to speak about your views on how I run things here. Brad explained how a good working environment makes for a good business. I'm interested on hearing your thoughts."

Christian fucking Ivanov really didn't want to hear my thoughts right now. I was very sure of that.

But he just sat there across from me...


"Uh-" I started. My voice came out horse. It sounded foreign, even to myself. "I mean- The work load is sometimes unstable for the reps. We end up on the shitty end with sales whenever a deal goes south. Overtime is also an issue. I think it should be double for mandatory overtime and time and a half for voluntary-" I stopped myself short.

I couldn't tell whether Mr. Ivanov was about to explode or not. He looked like a mix of emotions. A big pot of emotions on the verge of over-boiling. The expressions of his face were blatant enough for me to assume that no one had really ever criticized him like this.

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