16 - Unexpected

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For a reason unknown, Alex had been able to put up with Rebecca's drabbles all the way back to the apartment complex. He'd rolled her eyes at her countless of times and snorted even more, but he did admit to himself that while she was indeed tiresome to listen to, it was becoming more bearable. He figured it could have something to do with her likeness to Dana. Her cheekbones, jawline, color of hair. The way she moved and talked also had a lot of similarities to his sister. If he didn't know better, he'd thought them to be twins. He realized he actually didn't know. He didn't remember anything before waking up in that morgue in the basement of Gentek. It was completely blank whenever he tried to think back, except for the brief flashes of seemingly random things. For all he knew, his suspicions might as well be true. In which means, Rebecca would also be his sister. Huh...

As they entered the front doors leading them into the lobby, Alex's instincts started to silently whisper in his ear. With every step he took it increased, until it was a wrench in his stomach. Paranoia was what made him whip his head around to glare into the dark hallway on the other side of the room. The same feeling that had overwhelmed him back at the dump was back, though to a lesser extent. Something was out there, creeping around in the dark. He was about to go find out what, when Rebecca spoke up.

"Alex? Are you coming, or what?"

He turned back toward the ravenhead that had accompanied him all the way here. She had cocked an eyebrow at him and was standing with a hand on her hip, the other holding the two bags with the stuff she'd bought from the store. Two choices then swirled in his head. Either he come with her and deal with this later, or take care of it now and risk her finding out about him. The choice was made when she opened her mouth again; "Dana is down there with the others. I didn't want her to be alone in the state she was in".

He grit his teeth against the feeling and gave a grunt for a response. There wasn't any imminent threat, so it could wait. Dana couldn't. He had to see her, make sure she was okay. He had to prove to her that he was still with her and not a wandering corpse like she thought he was. Not like he'd been some minutes ago...

He pushed the thoughts out of his head and followed Rebecca down the flight of stairs, down to the steel door that would lead them to the damp cellar where the others were waiting. There was about half a second of hesitation. Did they all think he was dead? Last time he was down here, the guy they called Shaun had pointed a gun to his head, and before that, the blonde girl had been anything but friendly toward him. They weren't exactly on good terms, and he doubted it had changed by him dying and resurrecting. But then again, what did it matter? If they proved to be a liability, he'd just have to get rid of them.

While Alex was intent on getting out of the hallway as soon as possible, Rebecca obviously had other plans. Instead of pushing the door open for them to walk inside, she squeaked it open only enough for her to peek her head in. He heard her whispering about something, but his ears were focused behind them. He wasn't about to get jumped by one of those walkers again. Last time wasn't exactly a success, and he had no intentions whatsoever to repeat it. He'd have to take care of that soldier eventually. He knew too much already, and having him around was simply not good. He could hope that the military would deal with him themselves, but doubted that he could be so lucky.

Six long seconds after they first stepped down the stairs, the door was finally opened to reveal the dank cellar. Rebecca looked back at him with a grin as she stepped to the side to let him pass. He would've cocked an eyebrow at her if not for the creeping feeling of being followed, as well as the looks he got from the people in the room. The debate whether he should step inside or turn on his heel was cut short when the ravenhead urged him on. A sigh trough his nostrils, then the door closed shut, and he was yet again in a room full of people he didn't know if he could trust. Rebecca had proved herself enough for now, but the other three.

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