Chapter Eight, A Deathly Surprise

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Chapter Eight, A Deathly Surprise

"We need to plan this carefully." Morgana mused re taking her seat at the meeting. Feeding the newborn dragons some meat off a platter in front of her with the help of Bran who was fascinated by the dragons having been asleep when the previous three had hatched. "What is there to think about? We have already discussed our plans for war." Roose Bolton sneered.
"What there is to discuss Lord Bolton is a proper plan in order to get my father and sisters back. But to also protect my wife and daughters." Robb snapped.

"We've all learnt to listen and heed Ana's visions and now that there is a prophecy about my wife and daughters I wish for things to be planned more thoroughly though if you wish to rush heedlessly into war be my guest but only your retinue will be leaving with you. Everyone else will be here." Robb snapped not trusting the Bolton Lord one bit. Instead of getting up and leaving like the other bannermen and Dornish men expected Lord Bolton stayed where he sat. "What does this prophecy mean?" Lady Maege Mormont asked dubiously and what it would entail for her Lord and Lady. Robb not having the answer tuned to his wife who was silently thinking on what it would entail holding her hand to offer her strength, support and protection.

"Son of a..." Morgana cursed, quickly stopping herself when she caught Bran looking at her wide-eyed. "Ana?" Theon asked worriedly. Morgana quickly got out of her seat and paced behind the table cursing under her breath as she put the pieces together that were given to her in her visions. "My love?" Robb asked worriedly coming to stand in front of her taking her hands in his to calm her. "Robb, there is a reason the visions have become more insistent and stronger and now a prophecy and it's not only due to my powers strengthening. There's going to be two wars, not one. The second more important and more deadly then this one and the one before with my father."

Ignoring the banner men chatting anxiously behind them Robb only had eyes for his wife silently asking her to continue. "No! No, no, no, he promised I wouldn't have to go to war again. He promised." Morgana cried distraught, as shook her head in denial not wanting to believe she and her family were in the middle of another bloody war let alone two. "Dear niece, you are not making any sense." Oberyn said confused. "Who promised? What is the war after this one?"

"This war is about who sits on the Iron Throne; about blood. It'll last five years. If we don't change our course and plans now, there will be many pointless deaths, whole families wiped out due to arrogance and stupidity. The one after is more deadly it's with the Night King and his army of White Walkers. They want to wipe out the world of men. He's coming for me and Bran. For my daughters." Morgana whispered her eyes closed tearfully. "Death promised Robb." She whispered the last bit to her husband.
"I know love. I know, but he also said he did not foresee this when he gave you Dark Sister. I won't let them get you, our daughters or Bran. I swear it."

"Why is he coming for Bran?" Theon asked concerned. "For you and my nieces?"
"He's coming to kill Bran as he is a Green Seer and can Warg into Summer and ravens if he chooses, the first Stark in centuries to fully tap into the magic in their veins. But he is also destined to become the Three eyed raven. But I won't let that happen. I won't let him become the shell of himself that I saw. Me and my daughters, he wants us. I have magic running through my veins, I can raise dragons from stone and I'm the Mistress of Death which means my daughters will have my magic and the magic of the Starks. I'll die before I let that ice bastard get what he wants." Morgana ranted.

"What exactly is the Mistress of Death?" Lord Karstark asked dubiously breaking the silence that had fallen on to the room. "It means she is my Mistress and I can do her bidding if she so wishes, it means she is immortal." A raspy voice filled the hall making the Lords and Ladies jump as a figure dressed in a black cloak holding a scythe was stood behind Robb and Morgana. "Who are you and what do you want with my Grace?" Sir Barristan snarled at this mysterious newcomer unsheathing his sword along with all the Lords and Ladies in the room, except Robb, Theon and the other members of her Queens guard.

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