Part 1

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The winchester boys were in another crappy motel in a no-name town researching a possible wendigo case.

"Alright Sammy I'm gonna go to the diner down the road. You still sure you want that rabbit food."

Sam didn't even bother looking up already knowing that dean had this cocky grin across his face.he just casually waved his hand as a silent 'whatever'.

After Dean had left sam started hearing a scratching noise in the bathroom, so he grabbed his gun and walked cautiously towards it hoping that he had the right bullets for whatever he was about to face.

He lightly taps the door open with the tip of his gun but when he enters the noise stops and he finds nothing.

"Huh. Must have been my imagination."

But just before he couldn't turn around a blinding pain in his head made him scream and clutch his head in pain. He was out before he hit the ground.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~20 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~

Dean comes into the motel room.

"Hey Sammy! Sorry to tell ya but they didn't have the rabbit food you wanted sorry princess, I guess you will just have to deal with a burger and fries."

After getting no response Dean yelled for sam again . But still nothing. He knew Sam would have said something by now but he didn't and Deans little brother senses were blaring loudly.

"SAM!! where are you Sasquatch."

He was getting pissed. did sam leave and didn't think to tell him?

The bathroom light was on so dean though he was in the bathroom. after looking in and realizing he was not there he was getting really worried.

"Damn it sam where the hell are you."

Dean saw Sams gun on the floor along with his shoes and pants.

There was slight movement in the blanket that was bunched up in the corner. There was also a slight wimper that sounded a lot like a young kid.


Dean walked to the bundle and slowly lifted one end. but dropped it instantly.

That kid looked a lot like -NO- that couldn't be- there was no way- was there ?

He lifted the blanket again and noticed the kid that resembled sam when he was about 4 was starting to wake.

"Dean? what are you doing? where are my pants? when did u get so big?"

"Sam? is that really you?"

"Of coarse it's me now what the hell is going on!"

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