Chapter 62: Never forgotten

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- June 27, 2018

Gong Ouyang’s company today was agog with rumors of a beautiful woman who accompanied their CEO in the morning.

Everyone in the company is talking about it and there were a numbers of messages exchanged between colleagues discussing the possible identities of that woman. After all, in all their time here, they haven’t ever seen their boss get any woman with him to the company.

They have heard a little bit about the girls who accompanied him to some high profile parties but getting a woman with to work should mean something in case of a workaholic like their CEO, right?

So everyone, especially the people in the topmost floor, peeled their eyes and waited for them to make an appearance again in the afternoon.

When Xiaonian followed Gong Ouyang to his office, this time she was painfully aware of the pointed stares from the people on the floor. She hung her head even lower and tried to avoid their looks while Gong Ouyang simply ignored them.

Once they were in the office, they settled into their previous positions, Xiaonian worked on her comic and Gong Ouyang dealt with his business. 

For the next two hours, they both were immersed in doing there own thing and once it was six in the evening, Gong Ouyang promptly had his bodyguard pack up Xiaonian’s stuff and dragged her back to TianZhi.

Many of the staff at NE stayed back just to catch a glimpse of the woman who accompanied their boss the whole day.

Everyone had different ideas about what the relationship might be between those, but most agreed that reason their boss left his office promptly at 6 these days was because of her.

Unaware that most of the office staff have seemed to make Gong Ouyang and Xiaonian a dedicated couple, they both reached their apartment in TianZhi.

“Cook me something” he ordered her before he went inside to freshen up.

Xiaonian: ( ̄□ ̄)

Xiaonian put on her apron and started bustling about in the kitchen and Gong Ouyang came to occupy his usual place and watched her work.

If it wasn’t the two of them, Xiaonian would say that this was what a normal day would be like in the life of an old couple.

Xiaonan started frying the shrimp when Gong Ouyang walked to stand behind her and looked at the tradition Chinese fare she was preparing.

“Do you know how to cook English recipes?” he asked contemplating.

“English recipes? No I don’t know any,” Xiaonian confessed truthfully. She learnt how to cook just for her own pleasure, not for anyone. And she definitely failed to appreciate the English food.

Gong Ouyang looked thoughtful at the shrimp frying in the pan, “then starting tomorrow, you’ll learn” he said domineeringly.

Hearing him say that Xiaonian felt quite depressed. What if she wasn’t able to make English food? She makes excellent food of her country ah!

“I don’t want to!” she snapped at him turning the shrimp with an angry flip.

Xiaonian refused him without a second thought. She wanted to be a good comic artist, not a cook.

“No, you have to,” Gong Ouyang said overbearingly, his hand gripped her shoulder tightly and he emphasized very word he spoke with a squeeze,  “if you don’t learn how to cook English cuisine, how will you take the children back to England in the future? And how can you please my parents?”

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