Chapter 56: The Baja cruise

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- June 11, 2018 

They were traveling for more than 30minutes, away from the city and Xiaonian got a little curious. 

All the fashionable places were behind them, where were they going exactly?

It was another 20 minutes before they stopped near the port, and when Xiaonian got down, she felt a cool sea breeze brushing against her cheek. The weather was pleasant and the night beautiful. She looked around and her eyes stopped on the giant cruise ship docked a few meters away from them.

“Baja?” (T/N: It’s pronounced Ba-ha, Mexican name)

Wasn’t this the cruise she worked on three years ago?

She turned and cast a questioning look at Gong Ouyang. What game was he playing at?

Feng De was the one to reply her unasked question, “Miss Shi, the Baja cruise hosts a dinner party every year for business scions in our and around neighboring countries. It is something the young master has participated in since a long time ago.”

“Let’s go” Gong Ouyang wrapped an arm around Xiaonian’s waist and steered her towards the cruise.

Two  professional waiters were standing at the beginning of the stairs collecting invitations from the guests, but when Gong Ouyang appeared, they simply bowed and received the invitation from Feng De and let their party in without any checks.

Once they were on the deck, Xiaonian found that the floor was decorated in almost the same sophisticated extravagance as it was three years ago. A huge hall extended in front of them covered on all sides by glass windows giving an uninhibited view of the black waters outside while the insides were lit with bright lights where people in glittering gowns accompanied those in expensive suits.

As soon as they entered the hall, the host came to greet them with an exotic looking woman on his hand. Xiaonian saw this man once three years back and he looked as impressive as he did back then.

“Mr Gong, welcome aboard Baja” he welcomed them with a smile that twinkled in his bright green eyes. He glanced at Xiaonian and his gaze turned speculative when he saw Gong Ouyang’s hand possessively wrapped around Xiaonian.

In all the time he had known Gong Ouyang, he never once saw him hold a woman close to him as if he valued her.

Wasn’t this interesting.

“Ze” Gong Ouyang called him before he could look at Xiaonian a little more with a deep frown in his eyes.

“Haha,  my friend, introduce me to your lady friend?” he asked with a wide smile.

“Stop your nonsense. You still have my room here?” Gong Ouyang asked still irritated by his interest in Xiaonian.

Damn woman! Attracting attention as soon as she got out. The last time she went out, there was that man he beat up, and now it was his own friend! If he didn’t restrict her properly then she’ll just go attracting unnecessary garbage everywhere.

“Your room? Of course! Someone will get the keys to Feng De in a few minutes” Ze Chen told him signaling a waiter nearby.

“Then we won’t keep you here, you should go and attend to other guests” Gong Ouyang told him offhandedly.

Xiaonian couldn’t help the corner of her lip from twitching. Even the host, his friend, was a recipient of his cutting words. It was a little refreshing, she had to agree. 

They were seated on a table near open windows open to beautiful scene and a beautiful lady was singing melodious tunes on the stage. Person after person came to their table to greet and talk to Gong Ouyang.

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