Chapter 53: One night

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Gong Ouyang squirmed in his shoes, not knowing what do with the woman still crying in his arms. 

“Aren’t you embarrassed crying so much?” he asked frowning. How can she cry so much? 

Xiaonian felt like she went through an ordeal in the last few hours and now the reason for her ordeal is here taunting her about her state now. She bristled with anger and thought that if she was living in a comic world, she would sprout out giant legs and squish this insensitive bastard!

She quickly squirmed out of his arms and grabbed the walking stick by the bed side and started walking out of the bedroom, “You don’t like watching my embarrassed side? Then I’ll just leave the house!” she said and stomped out.

Gong Ouyang stood in his spot and stared at her hopping away in a huff. He really wanted to shout at her and vent his anger but the dampness on his shirt was like glue holding his temper.

“Fine!” he snapped and sullenly followed her to make sure she was alright.

When Gong Ouyang came into the hall, Xiaonian was already out of the door.

Once out, the lights in the hallway glared at her and Xiaonian couldn’t help but curse herself. She could have waited here in the hallway or the lobby!

Why did she wait in the dark apartment?

Her ears reddened with embarrassment and the tears dried up in seconds. 

Gong Ouyang found her that way in the hall, standing still in the middle of the hallway and staring at the lights as if they committed great wrong against her.

Looking at her expression like a petulant child, his heart couldn’t help but soften.

“What are you looking at those lights for?” he asked her curiously. It was a first for him, to take interest in such mundane things.

Xiaonian whipped her head around and glared at him furiously. No matter how much she cursed him in her heart, she just could not put out the fire raging in her heart.

“Did you want to drive me away? Is that why you did all those things? If you wanted to, just tell me directly and I will leave!” she told him sharply.

She felt irritable and frustrated.

Gong Ouyang quickly stopped her as she started walking away from him. There was peculiar light in his eyes as he watched her eyes light up with an intensity that made her entire body glow. She had never looked more beautiful than now, with anger burning in her eyes, cheeks colored red from when she cried and the messy casual clothing that was not worn to calculate him.

He wanted to catch her and hide her somewhere deep where no one can ever lay eyes on her. Such a beautiful picture should only being to him alone, and he had every intent of making it his.

His hand gently tugger at the hair scattered on her shoulder making her look up at him. Her bright eyes made him feel drunk like no alcohol he had ever drunk.

Xiaonian looked at his focused gaze and pushed his hand away.

But surprisingly, Gong Ouyang laughed instead of getting angry like he usually did. He looked like he was in an incredibly good mood.

His hands caught her by her arms and gently pulled her towards him, when her entire body was flush against his, he bent down and brushed his lips against her soft ones.

Xiaonian was still furious at his behavior but Gong Ouyang seemed oblivious to it. He simply restrained her struggles without hurting her much and continued to pepper small kisses over her mouth.

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