Chapter 49: Jealousy

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Li Chen and Xiaonian subconsciously stepped back when the car abruptly came to a stop just by them.

The man got out o the luxury car and rushed to the couple standing by the car and grabbed Xiaonian by her wrist.

“It hurts-”

Xiaonian screamed loudly as her balance toppled and she leaned heavily on her injured leg.

She saw a muscular arm with veins protruding and the cuff of an expensive navy blue shirt.

Gong Ouyang?

Xiaonian looked up at him shocked. Gong Ouyang was standing in front of her and looked more angry than he did in the car. A pair of dark eyes stared at her as if to strip her off everything.

“How did you..”

How did he get here?

Xiaonian’s were not even spoken, Gong Ouyang loosened the hold on her hand and punched Li Chen.


Li Chen was slammed back against a pillar before the hotel’s entrance and started bleeding at his mouth. He immediately reacted and tried to counter Gong Ouyang’s attacks.

Li Chen was big man at 5’11 but he can hardly hold up against Gong Ouyang who was over six feet and muscular from his practice in martial arts. It was not an equal match and Li Chen soon fell on the ground unable to ward against the attacks.

“Brother Li-”

Xiaonian was shocked at the scene that played before her. She quickly limped towards the fight and grabbed Gong Ouyang’s sleeve, “Why are you beating him? stop it!”

Gong Ouyang grabbed her jaw and leaned in his face close to her, “you want me to stop it?”

Gong Ouyang sneered at her and stepped on Li Chen’s hand grinding on it.

Li Chen curled up in pain on the floor.

What was wrong with him today?

When Xiaonian tried to pull Gong Ouyang back by his shirt , he grabbed her by her hair pulling her forcefully into him causing her already painful leg to hurt even more.


“Shi Xiaonian, aren’t you already a mother? Yet you dare run to a hotel with a strange man? You dare even stop me from retaliating?!”

This was worse than getting a green hat!

He kicked the curled up man once again in renewed rage.

“What are you talking about?” Xiaonian shouted at him not understanding, “stop it, You’ll kill him!”

She desperately tried to make him stop and watching her try to help the man Gong Ouyang’s eyes gradually changed and he jerked his hand in her hair forcefully and raised his hand at her.

Xiaonian whimpered in pain and closed her eyes tightly guarding herself from pain.


Gong Ouyang looked at her small face contorted in pain and fear and his hand stilled slowly falling down. He pulled her into his arms and kicked the man once again, “You dare get involved with my woman, don’t you F***ing want to live?”

Xiaonian immediately caught his hands again pleading with him to stop, “You! stop! stop it!” she cried in desperation, “I didn’t cheat! he..he is my editor’s husband, he just wanted to send me to a hotel. Don’t kill him please!” she pulled at his shirt begging him desperately.

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