Chapter 46: The president has unique taste

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Gong Ouyang picked up his phone and scrolled through the recent calls. His finger stopped at the call he made an hour back.

That damned woman!

After all he did for her, she dares to ask him why she should call him?

He went to that island for her and even magnanimously opened his property for her relatives, and she did not even say thanks!

She is bold.


He’ll later teach her how to be thankful for spending his time on someone as insignificant as her.

He picked up the company phone and dialed his secratary’s number, “did she get started?” he asked without any preamble.

“Yes sir. Miss Shi is now in the kitchen preparing your dinner.”

“Hm” he acknowledged and hung up.

He came back to S city early in the morning and has been working ever since. He managed to eat some unappetizing food, but now he was really looking forward to dinner.

“Mr Gong, the meeting will start in a few minutes, everyone is ready and waiting for you” his assistant reminded him.

This meeting was the main reason why he had to come early today. Picking up another file on his desk, he left the room closely followed by his assistant.

            *              *

After one and half hour, the meeting broke up for their dinner. 

The room slowly filled up with cafeteria waiters and waitresses bringing in dishes cooked by some of S city’s best chefs. 

The executives sitting in the room were old and experienced and knew about Gong Ouyang’s picky personality. They have seen him early firing chefs from the board room just becasue some dish didn’t look good. 

When one waitress served Gong Ouyang his dinner, everyone discreetly kept an eye on their president’s reaction.

Will another one be fired this evening?

When the waitress served a plateful of egg fried rice, almost everyone unanimously raised their eyebrows in surprise.

Forget getting fired, won’t the cook just lose his life?!

But, once again, Gong Ouyang surprised everyone by eating the rice without any complaints. Not only that, he did not even look up once and completed every last bit of it and asked for seconds!

One brave executive couldn’t help but murmer that even his wife made egg fried rice that looked better.

The other executives sitting nearby couldn’t help but nod their head in agreement.

Gong Ouyang, on the other hand, started polishing off his second plate. The delicate smell of eggs and scallions teased his appetite and very fluffy mouthful made him crave for another bite.

This woman, despite all her flaws, really knew how to grasp his stomach.

He should reward her. 

Sending message on his phone, Gong Ouyang turned back to the table. The meeting resumed for another two hours.

        *          *

Xiaonian just finished cooking and collected her things and was about to leave when she was held back by the secretary she saw before.

“Miss Shi, Mr Gong asked you to stay back and wait for him in the office” she said respectfully.


“This way please Miss Shi” the secretary talked over her and started walking towards the nearest elevator.


It was not just Gong Ouyang, even his staff didn’t let her talk.

As boss, so staff. Sigh.

The secretary showed Xiaonian to the president’s office, served tea and went back to her office.

Left alone in the big room with a view of the whole city, Xiaonian felt surreal. The view of rich people is really different from the commoners. When you stood so far above the ground, how can your view not change?

The evening sun set slowly and the office took on red and golden hues. The dimmed lightening coupled with the comfortable temperature of the room made Xiaonian realize just how tired she was. 

She did not even get a proper night’s sleep because of Gong Ouyang last night.

She sat down on an extremely comfortable couch in the corner of room and looking at the city changing colors in the sunset, her drowsiness caught up to her and she slept.

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