Chapter 42: Indifference

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Xiaonian sent a message and put the phone back in her purse.

The wedding ceremony was finished and she did not pay attention to it’s process. Shi Yue stood by Mu Qian Chu and smiled happily and every one once again applauded and sent their blessings.

Just for a moment, Mu Qian Chu swayed in his spot, apparently dizzy, but he soon dismissed it to his family and bride as a case of sudden dizzy spell due to happiness.

The most important part of the wedding was over and Xiaonian released a deep sigh. A few months back, she would not have believed that she could be so composed during this wedding, but now, she was standing here and clapping along with everyone. 

This was good.

After the ceremony, it was time for the interviews and the bride and groom made rounds meeting the press and families. During this time Xiaonian made sure to stick to the shadows and make herself generally invisible from the celebrations.

While she was invited to this wedding, she was not really welcome here due to her past with Mu Qian Chu and Shi Yue. So, she tried to do the best she can to compensate them for the trouble she caused by staying out of their view.

“Please turn this way and smile a little more” the photographer said correcting their poses.

Xiaonian turned according to his instructions and took photos in few poses. Shi Yue looked radiantly at the camera as if she was really happy to be with her sister. No wonder she was such a good actress.

After the shoot, Xiaonian tried to discreetly leave the scene, but she was once again pulled back by some of Shi Yue’s friends. By their actions and the way they talked to her, it was clear that they had no good intentions towards her and Xiaonian understood them to an extent. For a long while she was angling after their friend’s boyfriend, so they wouldn’t like her very much. But she did not want to face any of the humiliation dished by them when she was already the big loser in the story. 

It was true. She lost her love, respect and standing in front of her friends and family and was left with nothing at this point. Otherwise, how can it be that when she was caught by Gong Ouyang, her only resort was Mu QIan Chu who so obviously hated her?

Sighing, she tried to make some excuses to leave, but it was all futile.

“This dress must be expensive, did Shi Yue buy this for you? She is very generous after all, not saying anything even when you followed Mu Qian Chu everywhere” one friend smiled as spoke as if she was talking about something casual.

Xiaonian could only just smile and stay silent. 

Seeing her not respond, they frowned and turned the conversation back to Shi Yue. Shi Yue who heard what they said clearly did not comment of chastise them instead staying calm.

The atmosphere soon was filled with laughter and merry and Xiaonian was finally able to make her escape.


Xiaonian found a quite corner and poured herself a glass of water. Sitting in a chair in the shadows away from the merriment gave her a sense of relaxation that she hadn't felt since morning. Sipping her water, she watched as the merrymakers made merry and wandered around laughing and talking. 

“What are you doing here?” a quiet voice suddenly interrupted her observation.

Xiaonian almost spilled the water in her hands. Wasn’t this Mu Qian Chu? What was he doing here?

Mu Qian chu looked at her startled form and ignored her and proceeded to sit on a chair beside her away from the eyes of the crowd.

Xiaonian noticed that his face was pale and he looked as if he was holding himself together with great effort. Her eyebrows scrunched in a frown and she couldn’t resist asking, “are you okay?”

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