Chapter 36-40

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Chapter 36: Calling for help (Part 1)

- April 12, 2018

The sales man let out a loud scream involuntarily as he saw the box crash against the floor. Everyone knew that there was no saving the pieces inside. Such expensive merchandise, the salesman trembled in fear and looked at his manager.

The Porcelain gallery was an upscale store that catered to the rich. No matter what happened, they store managers were experienced at taking care of matters smoothly.

The manager who came towards them was a dignified middle aged man wearing a well made dark suit. He was bald and portly but possessed a dignified air around him. He came to them and smiled gently at Xiaonian and Mu Qian Chu.

He would not dare criticize their clientele, instead he enquired, “Miss, these pieces that you crashed into, were they meant for you?”

Such damage was nothing to wealthy people. They can compensate for it, but the salesman was not in the same league, so he can only make them pay for it.

Xiaonian stood there motionless. She looked at the box near her feet and couldn’t help but say, “It..It was an accident..”

The salesman immediately clutched her hand, “Miss, I was clearly walking ahead, it was you who did not look around and turned and crashed into me!”

His grip on her hand was painful due his terrified state. The man was barely conscious of his actions, but the manager saw Xiaonian flinch in pain and furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure.

He silently signaled the nearby staff and two of them came swiftly to pull back the salesman, say from Xiaonian.

He slowly walked forward to the box and said, “Miss, while the salesman was definitely in the wrong for walking in your path, we can only ask you for your generosity.”

Mu Qian Chu watched in silence as the scene unfolded.

At this time, he walked forward and asked the manager, “How much is the total worth of your damaged goods?”

The manager looked happy when he saw Mu Qian Chu inquiring about the price. Looks like this was going to be solved without much hassle.

Clasping his hands together, he quoted the price his assistant handed him, “250,000 sir.”

Xiaonian’s body shook with terror.


Her face became pale. She was just a small time worker who had a measly 12,000 saved in her account for emergencies. How can she ever hope to pay this hefty sum of 250,000!

Just as she was considering her situation, Mu Qian Chu took out his wallet and handed a black card to the manager, “I’ll pay for it. Think of it as the money to make you disappear from our lives. Don’t let me see you again from now on. Stop harassing me and Ah Yue.”

Money to make her disappear?


She had done so much for him, and in the end, what she got was money to disappear from his life.

She might not be successful person, she might not have the money that he could so easily give away, but she still had her morals.

Stopping the card that was about to be handed to the manager, she pushed it back into his hands avoiding touching him. In the past she was told that her touch made him want to vomit.

“This has nothing to do with you, please take this back.”

Mu Qian Chu sneered contemptuously at her, “You cannot afford to pay for these things just based on the measly money you get from scribbling your comics. It’s better for you to accept this offer now.”

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