Chapter 17

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Chapter seventeen

“Well Sasha, looks like you and baby Annalise get to go home today!” my favourite midwife, Cecilia, told me as soon as her shift started.

“Oh really? That’s fantastic news!” I exclaimed.

Annalise and I had been at the hospital for just over a week because Annalise was born premature and they wanted to keep her here just to be certain everything was in good working order. Thanks to Jake’s excessive donation to the private hospital I was transferred to a private room and stayed with Annalise so I didn’t need to leave her.

“What’s fantastic news?” Jake asked as he walked in looking fresh from a shower and delicious as ever. It honestly wasn’t fair.

“The doctor’s are letting us go home!” I answered him brightly.

The smile that lit up Jake’s face took my breath away and I could only imagine that our daughter would inherit it from him. He walked quickly over to us and bent to softly kiss Annalise’s head as she suckled on my breast before shifting over to me.

Every day he’d kiss Annalise but this time after kissing her his lips hovered over my lips before kissing the very corner of my mouth instead of my cheek. My eyes flew to his and I wondered if it was an accident or purely friendly.

“That is fantastic news” he whispered, his minty breath fanning my face.

Cecilia cleared her throat awkwardly and continued speaking, “The doctors will make their rounds at eight and then after Annalise has a full check you should be able to leave! Be sure to say goodbye to me though! I want a cuddle with my little Annalise before you all leave” Cecilia winked and left to continue her work.

“She’s lovely” I commented to Jake when she left. He nodded then turned his attention to Annalise, stroking her back gently with his thumb as she drank. He seemed quiet and thoughtful but after five minutes of not talking I nudged him with my elbow.

“What’s on your mind big guy?” I asked trying to sound like a joking friend.

I decided it mightn’t have been a good idea when a smirk lifted at the corner of his lips, “Nothing... just think that I might be a little jealous of Annalise right now”

I raised an eyebrow feeling a little confused with what he said, that is until I looked down at our daughter and realised that her little pink lips were still attached to my breast as she fed. I burst out laughing wincing when Annalise jumped at the sudden noise and continued giggling.

“You’re so cheeky” I accused him as I swatted his arm while his deep laugh filled the sterile room. Annalise seemed to realise he was with us and let go of my breast before turning her little head towards the sound of her daddy.

As always, Jake’s attention was immediately honed to her needs and he carefully took her from my hands and began to burp her while murmuring sweet nothings to her.

It was a beautiful sight to see Jake, so masculine and powerful, flip like a switch and show this amazingly delicate side of him. Every day for the last week I held back my confession of love for him whenever he did something like this. To be honest, it was becoming harder and harder to keep it in.

He stayed in the arm chair of the room taking care of Annalise while the doctors did their rounds and soon we were free to go. I felt excited to be getting out of the hospital and showing the world my beautiful daughter and everytime I caught people looking and smiling at her I’d feel pride swell up in my chest. We reached Jake’s car and I placed her capsule in while Jake and I sat on either side as the driver greeted us with a cheery smile.

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